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How to watch the second lite season: Release date and trilers

After the international success of The cable girls Y Paper house, All eyes were on the premiere of lite in October of last year. The teenage thriller came to Netflix at the hands of Zeta Productions and did not disappoint.

Its objective was clear: to deal with real-life issues without cover, such as the struggle between social classes that star three young people from the lower class who have been relocated to the exclusive Las Encinas school.

In the first season visibility was also given to the diversity of sexual tendencies, to sexually transmitted diseases or to school abuse. And all this with the interpretation of faces that little by little are winning the favor of the public and critics.

A year later, the second season of this original Netflix Spain production is about to be released. If you don't want to miss detail, Read on to discover when and by what means you can be the first or the first to enjoy all the new chapters.

When the second lite season premieres

The second season of lite be available on Netflix starting this Friday, September 6. As it happened with the first season, this will consist of eight chapters that will be uploaded at the same time. So, you can do a marathon this weekend.

The cast of actors is made up of young talents who are making a dent in the sector. This is the case of Mara Pedraza, Miguel Herrn, Jaime Lorente, Itzan Escamilla, Miguel Bernardeau, Arn Piper, Ester Expsito, Mina El Hammani and lvaro Rico.

How to watch the second season of lite on television

To enjoy the chapters of the series lite From a TV, you have to have the Netflix application installed and, of course, have an account. If you are not a subscriber yet, you can enjoy a free month before paying the monthly fee of 7.99.

If a smart TV is not available, another option is connect your laptop to the TV using one of the methods described in this tutorial. You can also do the same by connecting to your TV Android device or a iPhone or iPad.

How to watch the second season of streaming lite

The easiest way to see the premiere of the second season of lite It is from a computer or mobile device with Internet access. Just visit the Netflix official website or use the application to access your personal account.

There, you can search through your country's Netflix catalog until you find the fiction. It should be available on all versions of the platform, but if you can't find it, we recommend using a VPN network and connect to a server located in Spain.

Alternatively, you can use one of the Kodi multimedia center addons, like Exodus, to locate links to the chapters of lite. This is a practice of doubtful legality, but from PCWorld we want to make it clear that we are not responsible.

How to watch the second lite season from Latin America

The Serie lite In Latin America, it will also be available through the Netflix platform and all its national versions. To make sure you can see it in your country, you must have a VPN connection installed, such as NordVPN or TunnelBear.

You can do it on your TV only if it is compatible with the Netflix application or also if you connect a laptop or smartphone That s have access to the Internet. You can also choose download the chapters and transfer them to a USB that you can connect to the TV.


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