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How to find my phone: find a lost Android or iPhone

If you have lost your Android or iPhone phone it may be possible to locate it. However, it is important to keep in mind that the advice we propose below will require that the lost phone is still on.

This means that if the lost phone has run out of battery or if it has been stolen and turned off, then there may be no way for you to find your mobile device. If this is the case, you may want to read: What to do when your mobile is stolen or lost.

Below we explain the options incorporated in each of the main mobile operating systems to explain how to track a lost or stolen phone. All of them will require that you have logged into your Google or Apple account on the phone before starting.

There are also options for third party applications. Prey is an option quite popular, available not only for Android or iOS, but also for Windows, OS X and even Ubuntu.

If you have several devices, it is worth considering an option like Prey, since you can track all of them from the same interface.

How to find a lost Android phone

The Find my device application may be the easiest option to locate a lost phone. Can download for free from Google Play, and you can also access from any web browser.

Finding my device will give you the option to call, block or even reset your device remotely in case you have lost it and do not want anyone to access your content.

If your lost phone is already turned off, you can track the location history to find the last saved location in which the phone has been. You can do this by visiting and selecting the option of Manage activity, in section Location History

A map appears with all the places where your device has been in a certain time frame. The last location that appears to be where Google registered your phone was for the last time before the battery ran out.

Keep in mind that location history uses Wi-Fi or data instead of GPS, so your locations may not be as accurate as in the Find My Device app.

How to find a lost iPhone

To find a lost iPhone you can also use the Find my device app, however, before you have lost it you will have to have configured your device so that it can be located.

To properly configure your iPhone and to locate it in case of losing it, we recommend you read our article How to locate a lost or stolen iPhone, published on our specific page for the Apple world, Macworld Spain.


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