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how they work and how to win

Winning the World Pokmon Masters (WPM) is the main objective of the protagonist of Pokmon Masters, the mobile game launched at the end of summer 2019. We already explain the main details that you should know about the history and game system of Pokmon Masters, so it is time to move forward and get deeper into its operation

Specifically, in this guide we are going to talk about the fighting, those clashes between pairs of compis that can lead you to glory in the WPM. The key detail we already know: the fighting is 3 against 3. Now, let's move forward a little more to know everything you need to keep in mind to emerge victorious from each battle.

Guide to fighting in Pokmon Masters: how they work and how to win

Knowing that the fighting of Pokmon Masters is 3 against 3, the first thing you should do when you start playing is to get pairs of coaches and Pokmon. Once you have several compis (group formed by the coach and his Pokmon) in your team, you will have to choose the 3 that will represent your team before starting the fight.

The election is an essential part of the confrontation, because it allows you to choose your best assets to take advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of the rival. Attention, because the fighting of Pokmon Masters have a special feature: They do not take place in turns, they are in real time.


In the absence of turns, the ability to attack is dictated by the movement bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. It never stops filling up, giving you the possibility of attacking the enemy constantly. Depending on the strength of the Pokmon movement, consume one or more bars. By the way, the bar is shared by the whole team, there is not one for each pair of compis.

If you look at the previous GIF, you can see how each creature is accompanied by an item of weakness. If your Pokmon attacks with a particularly hurtful move against one of the rivals, the "Weakness" article will begin to flash to warn you of the effectiveness of your decision.

Just below this is the green health bar, which will be emptied as the attacks happen. When the Pokmon loses all his health, he and his coach will disappear from combat. Your goal is to put an end to the three pairs of rival compis to win the victory and so that the experience of your coaches and Pokmon grows.


When it comes to action, you will have to use the section that each coach of your team has at the bottom of the screen. To use your Pokmon in combat, click on its section and choose the movement you want to use. In addition, you can also use their special items, such as potions, to improve the condition of small monsters without decreasing the movement bar.

As we mentioned earlier, it is very useful to study the weaknesses of the enemy. By selecting an attack that works well against the other Pokmon, you can significantly reduce your health bar, or even end it definitely. The stronger the attack, the more movement bar consume.

When the game has already advanced, you can make use of a very important movement: the synchronization attack. During the battle, this synchronization will make your Pokémon evolve, multiplying its strength and making it an exceptional attacker.


Every time you make an attack while the Pokémon is mega-evolved, See an animation like the one above that shows how the attack against the opponent is made. Choose well when to use this special movement, because it can easily decant the fight in your favor.

As in the previous Pokmon games, the road to victory is in the correct choice of movements. In addition, in this Pokmon Masters the selection of the members that will make up your team in each match is added. Think well about your strategy and Start enjoying these exciting 3-on-3 fights in real time.

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