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download now the classic Streets of Rage 2

SEGA delighted the world of Android games by launching its range of totally free classic games. From time to time we see how they launch some of their most emblematic games on the Play Store, and today we meet in a new appointment for another of its great milestones: this time it's the turn of Streets of Rage 2.

SEGA returns with one of its most famous street fighting games

Streets of Rage 2 is the new SEGA classic that you can download

This game, released on 1992, It takes us to the world of street fighting. Our goal will be to defeat one of the most bad evils of SEGA's deliveries, Mr. X. We will be able to choose between 4 different characters in order to jump into the street and defeat our enemies.

Streets of Rage 2 is the new SEGA classic that you can download

The game is optimized for mobile phones and, thanks to its limited resources, we can have a good experience even on low-range phones. The game looks exactly the same as it does 26 añazos; and we will move thanks to a series of virtual buttons on the screen.

As in the other SEGA games, this game is improved compared to its original version. For example, extra functions are added such as save game, look at the markers to see the world ranking of players or the possibility of connecting an external controller and play with a more "classic" style if possible.

Streets of Rage 2 is the new SEGA classic that you can download

Streets of Rage 2 is free on Google Play, but within the SEGA game it will give us the option to remove the ads for the modest price of 2.29 euros. A cost that will depend on you to pay or not since this game has advertising, but not at all intrusive. It is logical knowing that SEGA will want benefits from this game; And removing advertising is one of the most accessible ways to monetize on Android.

With this are a few the games that SEGA has included in the new generation phones. Emblematic titles that marked a before and after in its history, and it remains to be seen that even more titles come to the fore. We like this initiative of the company and we, fans of retro games, are more than grateful for it.

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