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changes in the return of this folding phone

The return to the market of Samsung Galaxy Fold it is already a reality, since the Korean company has officially confirmed that it launches the device again with changes which lead him to be much more "round" than earlier this year. Most of the modifications have to do with manufacturing, which has been greatly improved.

Many of the elements that make up the Samsung Galaxy Fold remain unperturbed, such as the screen Infinity Flex of resolution QXGA + that has dimensions of 7.3 inches open and, in addition, in the outside area there is no Super AMOLED panel of 4.6 HD +. If you wonder about the processor and RAM of this model, the combination is a Snapdragon 855 (the same one that is inside the Galaxy A90 5G) and 12 GB of RAM, which makes it clear that this terminal aims to be part of the high range of products.

Design of the new version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Other characteristics which are important of the terminal and that have changed absolutely nothing are the ones listed below:

  • 512 GB storage type UFS 3.0
  • LTE and 5G models
  • 4,380 mAh dual type battery (5G 4,235 mAh model)
  • Main camera: 12 + 16 + 12 MPx with optical stabilization, 2X zoom and 123 degree wide angle
  • Dual front camera: 10 + 8 MPx
  • Camera on the cover: 10 megapixels
  • Integrated fingerprint sensor on the side and stereo sound
  • Dimensions: 117.9 x 160.9 x 6.9 mm (62.8 x 16.9 x 15.7 closed)
  • Weight: 276 grams
  • Operating System: Android Pie

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, more complete yet

Where are the big changes in this new version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

One of the actions taken by the Korean firm in the new model is that the protection layer which is included above the screen Infinity Flex Now it is larger and exceeds the bezels of the device to increase the protection of this component (and, evidently, it is clear that this element should not be removed when using the smartphone) In addition, more options have been added that increase the firmness and durability of the terminal, such as covers elements- in the upper and lower part of the hinge so that the use is much safer. By the way, the space between this element and the housing is also smaller.

Screen folded in the Samsung Galaxy Fold

But Samsung has not been left alone in this in what has to do with the changes in the manufacture of the device and that users do not see them. An example of what we say are thin layers of metal below the screen to ensure its firmness and avoid extra bulges from use. Therefore, it seems that enough measures have been taken so that the operation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is as expected.

Finally it must be said that in what has to do with the layer that goes above Android, improvements have been integrated in the compatibility with third party applications with the aim that the user experience is much better. The availability of this new version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold takes place in the month of October.

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