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AT&T activates 5G in Las Vegas, expands its network to 20 cities

AT&T office New York City, USA: Signage and logo outside its

The 5G network of AT&T is already active in 20 cities.

Roberto Machado Noa

The 5G network of AT&T continues to grow, although at the moment is limited to business users.

On Thursday, June 27, the wireless service provider announced that it has activated 5G in Las Vegas, the 20th city to receive its 5G mmWave network (or what AT&T calls "5G +").

It is not known exactly where the 5G network will be activated in Las Vegas, as AT&T says it is in "parts of Las Vegas", although it does not provide a coverage map, nor details about specific locations.

Our first tests of the AT&T 5G network have been impressive, offering speeds in Los Angeles well above 1Gbps. In 20 cities, AT&T has gained a significant initial advantage over Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, although the three rival companies have already launched 5G networks for consumers or plan to do so this week.

As with the previous cities, AT&T is limiting the sale of its first 5G phone, the Galaxy S10 5G, only to commercial users for now.

Verizon announced Thursday that Denver is already its third city with 5G, and that in Providence it will be activated on July 1. Sprint has done the same in four cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City, with plans to launch five more in the coming weeks. "

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