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Tombs of Terror already has a release date

Hearthstone Tombs of Terror

Hearthstone is one of the most popular mobile video games worldwide, and in his five years of life has managed to attract a lot of players. The popular Blizzard card title, of which we offered you 6 tips for beginners, continues to incorporate new content, such as ** Uldum Saviors. Now the firm has announced Tombs of Terror, the new Hearthstone expansion, which has offered both its date and all its details.

In an official statement, Blizzard has announced that September 17th Continue the Uldum Savior plot with the single-player adventure, titled Tombs of Terror. Players can now pre-purchase the deluxe adventure pack of Tombs of Terror and get extra rewards for breaking through to the anguished expedition in full. This new adventure takes place after the events of Blow on Dalaran.

The players will enter the skin of the Expeditionary League, the gang of heroic archeologists and adventurers of Hearthstone, and they will travel through the cities and ruins of Uldum to defeat unique chiefs and acquire brand-new treasures characteristic for each hero. Artifacts that will reinforce the heroes before facing the four deadly images of the plague. In addition, the first double-class heroes of Hearthstone, with full dubbing and a customizable arsenal of unique hero powers and various decks, will offer users unmatched gaming possibilities.

Tombs of Terror be available on September 17

Elise Seeker the Illuminated he leaves his library armed with centuries of knowledge, the healing magic of a priest and the ferocity of a druid. For its part, dinosaur tamer Brann Barbabronce Ana the courage and strength of a warrior with the toe and affinity with the animals of a hunter. Sir Finley Mrrglton of the Sands, a sophisticated and gentlemanly mrloc, ana the chivalrous value of a paladn and the tribal powers of a chamn of its amphibious species.

Finally, Reno Jackson the Reliclogo It is a little treasure hunter with a heart of gold that has reached a sufficient level of mystical nutties throughout his adventures to cast spells of a magician to a troche and moche. The first chapter of Tombs of Terror, Lost City, be available for free for everyone on September 17 and face Reno Jackson against the image of the plague of the mrlocs.

However, the next three chapters will feature another double-class hero of the Expeditionary League and will go out one by one during the weeks after the launch at a price of 700 gold in the game or 6.99 euros each. Blizzard has also confirmed that, after defeating the four powerful images of the plague, they will unlock a final heart attack to decide the fate of the world. For each chapter and the final battle, players will get 3 Uldum Savior cards, plus an envelope of classic gold cards for overcoming the four chapters in the normal mode and backs of unique cards for completing the entire adventure in normal and heroic modes. .

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