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These are the speeds of the T-Mobile 5G network in New York

Phone screens side by side show T-Mobile 5G is over five times faster than LTE on download.

On the corner of 1st Avenue and East 7th Street. T-Mobile's 5G network is five times faster to download files than the LTE.

Eli Blumenthal / CNET

T-Mobile is the last of the four largest telephone operators in the United States to put its network into operation 5G and today, with the help of a Galaxy S10 5G from Samsung, be one of the first people to try it. After the first test I can say one thing: 5G is really fast.

Today I will do several tests using the app, while downloading other applications, movies and TV shows. The goal is to do all this in a Galaxy S10 5G and a Galaxy S10 Plus 4G, so we can see the difference between speeds in 4G and 5G. Start this field test at Tompkins Square Park, in Manhattan, before moving to other locations in the city.

Galaxy S10 5G phone screen showing download speed of 491 Mbps.

The speeds in SoHo are quite good.

Eli Blumenthal / CNET

My first impression: at the corner of 1st Avenue and East 7th Street, the 5G network of T-Mobile, with a download speed of 462 Mbps is more than five times faster than the 4G LTE. A little later, in SoHo further south in Manhattan, the speed was first at 491 Mbps and then at up to 525 Mbps.

When I download the movie Wine country (555MB) from Netflix, it took me about 40 seconds with the 5G network. In the 4G LTE network, there was hardly any progress after 4 minutes.

To download and install the PUBG game (just over 2GB), it took about 2 minutes with 12 seconds on the T-Mobile 5G network.

While AT&T, Verizon and Sprint rushed to start their 5G network in the country, T-Mobile has been surprisingly silent. The operator known for his brazen marketing campaigns and aggressive statements, did not rush to promote a 5G broadband network to claim the "first" position, nor rename his updated LTE network with a name related to 5G.

Instead, the company aguant and its first 5G network in New York CityAt least after the first tests, it shows that the wait was worth it.

Running through the southern part of Manhattan, we were able to test the millimeter wave network (or mmWave) firsthand, seeing incredible download speeds that compete with those made through residential broadband.

So far, the T-Mobile 5G network is impressive, but the speeds are closer to what CNET saw with the Sprint 5G network in Dallas, than the more than 1Gbps we found in the Verizon network in Chicago or the almost 2Gbps we obtained with the AT&T network in Los Angeles.

For example, we were able to confirm download speeds that reached 1.8Gbps when testing the AT&T network in Los Angeles
, 1.3Gbps in the Verizon network in Chicago
and of 484Mbps in the Sprint 5G network in Dallas

For now, in addition to how impressive the 5G network is, they have left me with a very good taste of the speed of the T-Mobile LTE network. In some areas, it reached a speed of 300Mbps with the Galaxy S10 Plus.

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Like the next-generation Verizon and AT&T networks, the T-Mobile network also uses mmWave, a technology that offers faster speeds and better performance in dense urban areas, but does not cover the same amount of land as the 5G network. Sprint middle band. While T-Mobile promises decent coverage in the Midtown Manhattan, as in the southern part of the island and parts of downtown Brooklyn, does not cover the entire city.

The Big Apple is one of the six cities along with Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas and Los Angeles that T-Mobile has chosen to start the launch of its network. The city also seems to be the first exception for large-scale coverage. The maps for other T-Mobile launch cities show reduced areas of 5G coverage, similar to the first implementations of this technology by AT&T and Verizon.

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