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The Mobile Device Management MDM, leader in business mobility management

This solution has 10 million application distributions and more than 100,000 apps managed in the client catalogs

For the fifth consecutive year IBM MaaS360 leads the business mobility management market, according to Gartner. This is one of the most influential guidelines for IT professionals that assesses providers and the accelerated change of mobile terminal management activity for the strategy of business mobility management (EMM).

More and more organizations need to reorganize their technological infrastructures and are committed to the use of MDM software. It is essential that all of them keep track of multiple operating systems and professional devices and make an appropriate record of all access to company information.

TUY Technology offers the MaaS360 solution with which you can remotely manage business devices and their security policies. This solution has approximately 10 million application distributions and more than 100,000 apps managed in all client application catalogs.

MaaS360 continues to adapt to the needs of any company, regardless of size, on all types of devices and at any time and place. Mobile technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and with it, it has enabled employees to perform their daily work in the most efficient way possible.

MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite

Productivity Suite MaaS360 offers a integrated set of cross-platform solutions to contain business data in the BYOD era. It helps employees securely access corporate data while preserving the mobile experience on their smart devices.

It is a corporate information loss prevention solution that allows employees to securely access business data without hindering usability and user experience. Highlights include: PIM, preconfigured applications and application extensions.

The first one is delivered through your Secure Mobile Mail, offers an application of independent labor productivity and high security for users who access and manage their email, calendar and contacts on corporate mobile devices. Employees can only access emails and sensitive data that have been approved with the data flow control policies. Recently it has implemented new functionalities that makes it easier than ever to manage and navigate the terminal.

Pre-configured applications (Secure Mobile Browser) make IT professionals easier to work, providing control over the end-user experience. By defining URLs or restricted website types, it ensures a controlled and protected browsing process. The software helps establish web content filtering policies by ensuring that only authorized users have access to the websites. It also protects against dangerous URLs and various network vulnerabilities.

The application extensions (Mobile Application Security) offer an increase in business security in all types of apps that are implemented, both public and private. Due to its unique session, it prevents data loss (DLP), allowing end users not to send sensitive information outside the corporate network.

Combine mobile device management with total security

As the technological development matures, the need to keep track of professional devices grows to avoid intrusions and vulnerabilities. These will cause corporate data leakage and economic losses in the company. TUY Technology, through the MaaS360 solution, unites the administration of professional devices with robust security to simplify the complexities linked to the performance of the work activity. It stands out for its efficiency, secure data exchange, centralized management, interactivity and mobility. It also allows you to manage the useful life of business devices quickly and economically.

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