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the first mobile with Hongmeng OS arriving at the end of 2019, according to Global Times

The rumor arose since the United States announced the veto to Huawei and consequently the impossibility of using American products such as Google / Android, Huawei has a plan B that includes its own operating system as an alternative to Android. Known as Hongmeng OS and also as ArkOS, this new operating system may debut on a Huawei mobile phone in the last quarter of this year.

According to Global Times, Huawei is considering the possibility of launching a first phone with Hongmeng OS by the end of 2019. Focused on the low / medium range market, this phone for just over 250 euros will be the entry point of Hongmeng OS in the mobile industry.


Global Times sources explain that this new phone could be launched alongside the expected Huawei Mate 30 in October 2019. A discrete launch of several million units is expected, to test this market with an operating system other than Android. Its price will be about 2,000 yuan, which extrapolated to euros will reach something more than 255 euros As indicated.

During the presentation of the fiscal results last week, the president of Huawei, Liang Hua, commented that they would prefer to continue using Android on their mobile devices. Hongmeng OS is rather a long-term strategy, according to the president of Huawei. Of course, there are rumors that point to being tested on a million devices.

An operating system that does not focus on mobiles

The important thing about Hongmeng OS is not to see it as an operating system made for the mobile device. Although those responsible for Huawei claim to be faster than Android, it is an operating system specially designed for IoT devices. Getting Hongmeng OS to work on different platforms and be the link to create an ecosystem seems to be the goal.


According to Global Times sources, Hongmeng OS works more similar to Google Fuchsia than to Google's Android. That is, instead of relying on a Linux kernel, it has a microkernel that can be better adapted to execute artificial intelligence tasks or be implemented on specific devices for example.

The arrival of Hongmeng OS may be imminent, it is expected that go public next Friday, August 9 at the Huawei developer conference in Dongguan, China. But as we have seen, we will not see it in a mobile at least until the last quarter of the year, first to reach televisions and other products of Huawei and its subsidiaries.

Probably the biggest challenge facing Huawei with Hongmeng OS right now is get a solid ecosystem and with developers and users who bet on it. For this to happen, it makes sense to introduce the operating system discreetly at the beginning and with a first mid-range mobile rather than directly betting on offering it on its star devices.

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