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Studio Slim 3.1 the new and most powerful of Definitive Technology in sound bars

The sound bars They are a convenient way to complement the audio of your TV without having to think about positioning several speakers throughout the room, but they can be difficult to place. Larger sound bars generally offer a bigger sound, but they are much more likely to block your TV's remote sensor or even a part of the screen if you both have the same TV cabinet. The technology presented by Definitive Technology with Studio Slim 3.1 it was designed with this in mind, in being more static and light. The sound bar is incredibly flat, but still produces an impressive sound.

Elegant and effective design

The system 3.1 It adopts a slim design style and incorporates seven speaker controllers, for a left-center-right matrix, each driven by its own amplifier module. A tro of 25mm aluminum dome tweeters sit next to four mid-range subwoofers of 76 mm. The associated wireless subwoofer has an eight-inch driver for deep bass.

Allows use of Chromecast

With Chromecast, users can stream music, movies, news and podcasts from compatible applications, control compatible smart home devices and control the Google Assistant. Voice commands can be used to control music through a speaker or mobile device connected to Google home. In addition, it can work as part of a Chromecast audio system for the whole house.

How to choose a good sound bar for your Smart TV

Film and music performance

This device contains a equalizer of a button that offers presets for the optimization of movies, music and night. The movie mode amps the sound stage and increases the dialogue and effects, while the music mode focuses the images and simplifies the processing. The night mode adapts the general output and the bass response for a more muted display during the night.

There is also a central channel level adjustable, allows the listener to maintain the clarity of the dialogue regardless of the content.


Studio Slim allows you to connect to a TV through HDMI ARC Apart from reducing the disorder produced by other sound systems and being easy to configure, this system allows you to control the central functionality of the sound bar, such as adjusting the volume, through the TV's remote control.

On the other hand, through HDMI ARC it receives audio from the integrated applications of the TV and any other source connected directly to the TV, such as a game console or a disc player UHD.

Wireless connectivity also includes Bluetooth For connection to compatible devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops, and additional physical connections include a digital optical input.

Economic sound bars compatible with Bluetooth

Definitely Definitive Technology thought of luxury, effectiveness and comfort when creating this sound bar that is aimed at the new passion for watching movies at home reunited with family or friends with a price of 1,099 euros.

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