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so you can activate the dark mode on the computer

WhatsApp for Android incorporate your own browser in the application

Whatsapp is one of the applications with more users worldwide and therefore does not cease in its efforts to incorporate new features that improve the user experience. Time ago it has been known that the app works a boomerang function similar to Instagram and that you can even prepare a function to ban users under 16. However, there is still a feature that users miss, a dark mode, although thanks to a new method you can achieve this mode while using WhatsApp on the computer.

As they report from XDA, the desktop version of WhatsApp allows activate dark mode following a series of steps. For this, users need a smartphone with the messenger application installed and a computer. The desktop version of WhatsApp necessarily requires an active connection synchronized with a WhatsApp client, either on Android or iOS, something that limits its use.

With this new method, users can activate the dark mode in the computer version both on Windows and on Mac while they wait for the company to launch this feature officially. A member from the same source has been able to create a style mod for WhatsApp for desktop that gives the computer version a dark theme to make reading easier for users to see.

A mod allows you to activate the dark mode in WhatsApp for computer

WhatsApp dark mode desktop

A mod that works in script form, which allows modifying some of the parameters of WhatsApp for computer. The mod, which is open source, necessarily requires that users have installed the desktop version of the well-known messenger application to be able to run

It should be noted that it is not an official WhatsApp development and that it is fully compatible with Windows and iOS, so it works with virtually all computers. To install it you only need download the file That has to be executed. Once downloaded, it only remains open the computer version of WhatsApp and run the file.

That's right, its creator recommends that the folder that the file creates is not deleted, since that is where the original files are saved to restore them in case you want to undo the installation. With these simple steps you can enjoy the dark mode of WhatsApp on computers, although you can expect it to be compared officially launch this feature At some point.

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