Nokia 9 PureView, analysis. Review with features, price and specifications.

Nokia 9 PureView, analysis. Review with features, price and specifications.

It is difficult to cause curiosity at the photographic level in the mobile panorama now that the usual are three and four rear cameras, but the Nokia of HMD still had cartridges. Returning a little that spirit of the Lumia 1020 and its hump so differential, this time the resource has been the number of cameras and in the Nokia 9 PureView analysis we test the five rear cameras of the terminal.

A terminal that caused sensations in the MWC 2019, where in fact we could prove it. A mobile with a different design to the force and that intermingles components of several generations, focused on give a different experience at the photographic level. Give it, the day, but there is a lot of punctuation in how different it becomes, we tell you thoroughly.

Nokia 9 PureView technical sheet

Nokia 9 PureView



RAM and storage

Front camera

Rear cameras




Dimensions and weight


5.99 inch POLED QHD + 18: 9 PureDisplay Panel

Snapdragon 845GPU Adreno 630 Light co-processor

6 GB / 12 8GB

20 megapixels

12 megapixels RGB f / 1,812 megapixels RGB f / 1,812 megapixels BN f / 1,812 megapixels BN f / 1,812 megapixels BN f / 1.8

Dual SIM 4GWiFi 5Bluetooth 5.0GPSNFCANT + USB Type C

3,320 mAh Fast charge

Metal body Rear fingerprint reader IP 67 Android Foot

155 x 75 x 8 mm 172 grams

599 euros on the Nokia website, from 565 euros in PcComponentes

Nokia 9 PureView 6 / 128GB Dual Sim Blue Free

Nokia 9 PureView 6 / 128GB Dual Sim Blue Free

Design: when five cameras are inserted with more pleasure than some triple

Aesthetics is democratized before a few years ago and innovations such as notch, the hole in the screen or the curved surfaces soon cease to be exclusive for first line phones. The question is: is Nokia 9 PureView one of these?

If we talk about processor should not fit ah: the brand has decided to repeat the play we saw in the Nokia 8 Sirocco and place a high-end processor but of the previous generation associated with high-end features such as a certain design or photographic scheme , as is the case. And at the aesthetic level what we see is rather an evolution of Nokia 3.1, with similar forms but improving the use of the front.

Nokia 9 Pureview Screen 06

The brand maintains that renewed DNA since which Ave Fnix was reborn with HMD, expressed in a beveled metal frame and a slightly curved glass back as it falls on that edge. Ail color, maintained on all surfaces even in the remarkable frame of the screen, so that at a first glance it manages to hide itself by slightly blending in with the black of the screen off.

How much of the old Nokia has the new Nokia

At the back you have to feed part and not for less. How to put seven holes (for cameras, depth sensor and flash) if it must already be complex to embed four cameras in the back and sometimes three already leaves a fairly questionable aesthetic? Nokia's solution has been quite discreet, as far as possible.

Nokia 9 Pureview Frames

How to put seven holes if sometimes embedding three cameras already leaves a fairly questionable aesthetic? Nokia's solution has been quite discreet, as far as possible.

Four of the five cameras draw corners of a hexagon that crowns the flash in the upper left, leaving the center for the sixth chamber and not forgetting the Zeiss signature, very discreetly embedded within the hexagon. Actually, seeing the relative placement of the flash, the depth sensor and the arrangement of color and black and white sensors is a double-diamond-shaped arrangement, as we will detail later.

Nokia 9 Pureview Rear Cameras Detail 01

What also attracts attention is that there is no overhang, bulge or flange: they are fully integrated in the back cover (of course we do not have any optical zoom) and this favors that in the end all this equipment passes more unnoticed than others less complex. Another way to differentiate with other phones of the brand, which usually have a hump for cameras.

In spite of this, s is reminiscent of previous mobile phones of the brand in proportions, shapes and finishes. Maybe some other solution for the front would have helped us to give less dj vu and to give it a more current touch, for example as seen in the Nokia X71 and seeing that the brand has discreetly flirted with the notch with some models already (without also highlighting in use).

Nokia 9 Pureview Mark 03

Thus, the symmetry is maintained in the screen frames with a chin of the same length as the top edge, in which the Nokia logo poses and the headset and the front camera are inserted. Aligned on the central axis of the lower edge are the USB Type-C port, the microphone and the main speaker, moving the SIM tray to the opposite and without the presence of audio jack and traditional fingerprint reader, since the latter is integrated into the screen.

Without being strictly light it is not heavy and the sensation in hand in this respect fits as expected in terms of volume and screen diagonal. Being something big to have 6 inches, is more compact than the LG G8s ThinQ (6.21 inches) but not that the Huawei P30 or the Samsung Galaxy S10 (6.1 inches both), being also heavier than these although lighter than the Honor 20 Pro (6 , 26 inches).

Height (mm)
   Width (mm)
   Thickness (mm)
   Weight (grams)
   Screen (inches)
   Surface (cm2)
   Volume (cc)

Nokia 9 Pureview

LG G8s ThinQ

Huawei P30

Samsung Galaxy S10

iPhone XS

Pixel 3

Honor 20 Pro

155 75 8 172 5.99 3,320 116.25 93
155.3 76.6 8.09 180 6.21 3,550 118,958 96.24
149.1 71.4 7.6 165 6.1 3,655 106.46 80.91
149.9 70.4 7.8 157 6.1 3,400 105.53 82.31
143.6 70.9 7.7 177 5.8 2,658 101.81 78.39
145.6 68.2 7.9 148 5.5 2,915 99.29 78.45
154.6 74 8.4 184 6.26 4,000 114.4 96.1

It is quite comfortable, helped by the slight curvature that the lateral edge experiences in all its extension. Although that is, it is not a small smartphone and it's quite slippery, so it is better to grasp it firmly.

Nokia 9 Pureview Profile 01

As with other HMD Nokia, the materials convey a sense of quality. It is true that we have not hit him or dropped him, but does not seem to scratch easily and the rear has resisted supporting it on the different surfaces, without scratches on the part of the cameras.

Screen: without notch no holes, but with QHD +

Speaking of that mix of features that we cited in the introduction, the screen adds weight to the high-end dish. It is a p-OLED panel of 5.99 inches with QHD + resolution, unmarking those who maintain their top of the range in the FHD + as the OnePlus 7 or the Xiaomi Mi 9.

Nokia 9 Pureview Screen 05

At the level of sharpness and resolution the screen complies. The visualization of any content is adequate, be it a text, photographs or a video, without missing density or greater detail.

Well also at the level of contrast and viewing angles, we can force the inclination with respect to our eyes both vertically and laterally without missing detail or appreciate the usual color dyes that are observed in panels of this type normally. It is also correct at the brightness level, although the maximum is a bit fair to see the content well the more illuminated the environment.

This is what the nits are for: comparison of mobile screens in full summer sun

Spinning with this, automatic brightness adjustment He usually acts well, only noticing that in a few occasions he is a little slow when moving from a dark environment to another with more light (especially if we are watching video).

If we talk about Nokia, we talk about pure Android. That flag is still waving in the neck of these HMD phones for good and for bad, and as for screen settings we can miss that plus that we usually find in many of the customization layers of other manufacturers.

Nokia 9 Pureview Display Settings

In Android stock we find the basic configuration options to be able to activate the night light mode or the automatic brightness adjustment, as well as the waiting time before suspending or that the screen is activated with a double touch (we will see that this ends up resulting more useful than usual when talking about biometric methods of unlocking). As added we find the section PureDisplay, which has four configuration options at the level of color, contrast and brightness.

It is quite short compared to mens such as EMUI or MIUI to cite a couple of examples, since in this case we will have to comply with one of these four proposals without the possibility of manually adjusting parameters such as the temperature of the targets. The intense one offers the highest level of saturation, as opposed to the basic one, the cinema is very warm and the dynamic It adjusts automatically according to the environment, this being the option that ultimately convinced us (although the saturation level is usually quite high).

Nokia 9 Pureview Screen 02

We find options to configure the ambient screen, in this case called Glance. We can choose the style and when we want it to be activated, the lift works well to activate and can deactivate it during loading, but nothing in relation to widgets, aesthetics or other customization possibilities.

Nokia 9 Pureview Ambient Screen

What we have not made it work is the activation of the dark theme, which we already see in the last option of the screen menu, but which is not activated either manually or automatically (it is probably something that can be fixed with an update). We have the trick of invert colors in accessibility options, but to use this is not exactly a dark issue.

Performance: the most powerful processor (from the previous year)

It is not necessary to integrate the last processor to have a good performance given the level that have reached chips such as Qualcomm produces among others, in view when many mid-range phones run heavy apps as well as a flagship. The processors of this American manufacturer are the ones chosen by HMD for their phones, although for this striking terminal have repeated the tactic that we saw with another that was not going to fit in previous molds, the Nokia 8 Sirocco (as we have remembered before).

The 8 Sirocco integrates a Snapdragon 835 the year that the Snapdragon 845 composes the brain and heart of the top of the range, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9 + (in its Asian version). This processor is what we see in the Nokia 9, the year in which the Snapdragon 855 is the king chip in the high-end Android 2019. The same play we see in the Xiaomi Mi A, but in this case in the first-line phones (for saving costs because of that "the market high premium is not your priority "? Qui sait).

That said: the mobile is not going slow, there is no lags nor is he unable to perform heavy tasks such as multimedia playback or video games. But it does not mean that we have something already outdated without even having left the box, for many 6 GB of RAM that has (a habitual and sufficient memory in the high range, although also in the average).

Nokia 9 Pureview Use Game 01

Leaving aside this caveat, in the usual operation we will not notice this fact (we will talk about the photographs, that that goes on the other side). It is true that sometimes we have found some enganchn (when dragging to get the app drawer), but seeing that also seems to have problems in the background of some task (the PUBG, for example, keeps the screen active although it is minimized and does not happen with other games) maybe it is something related to the system and its optimization for this mobile.

What s is a constant is The warm-up, favored by the materials (glass and metal will be more elegant, but also conductive). It does not take long to increase the temperature as soon as we use it to watch videos, play and especially to see or take photographs. Nor is it that summer helps in this regard, but even in cool environments the Nokia 9 reaches external temperatures that without checking with apps already make guess that the internal ones are considerably high.

Nokia 9 Pureview Temperatures On the left the temperature at rest or with a use that does not involve any heating, on the left when we notice it quite hot (games, photography, etc.).

Given the ease in reaching those figures, which in other cases happens more punctually or only during certain activities, the alarm goes off a little more in order to long term reliability. The heat is a factor to consider in the degradation of the components (such as the graphic or the battery) in the long term, and that a high temperature is relatively common does not leave us too calm at this level.

Nokia 9 Pureview Split Screen High Temperature High temperatures are also noticeable in video playback.

For those who take the benchmarks as a reference, we leave here the numbers in comparison with smartphones of last season (but with similar configuration) as well as some more recent (contemporary, but with superior processor), so that you can contrast the results with one another.

Nokia 9 PureView
            Xiaomi Mi 8
            Huawei Mate 20 Pro
            OPPO Find X
            iPhone XS
            Samsung Galaxy Note 9
            Xiaomi Mi 9
            LG G8s ThinQ




Geekbench 4 (single / multi)
            2,331 / 8,019

PCMark Work

3DMark (Ice Storm Unlimited)

Snapdragon 845 Snapdragon 845 Kirin 980 Snapdragon 845 Apple A12 Bionic Exynos 9810 Snapdragon 855 Snapdragon 855
6 GB 6 GB 6 GB 8 GB 4GB 6 GB 6 GB 6 GB
268,966 270,728 282,324 313,341 237,723 374,570 279,879
2,413 / 9,075 3,328 / 9,735 3,308 / 7,915 4,803 / 11,178 3,767 / 9,032 3,539 / 11,164 3,482 / 9,881
7,834 7,618 9,803 5,174 9,036 9,200
57,365 37,416 63,702 42,558 61,089 61,106

Software: Nokia keeps raising the "clean" Android flag

We have already mentioned it when talking about screen settings: Nokia smartphones continue to maintain their commitment to pure software As Google takes it out of the oven, and in this Nokia 9 PureView we find Android One 9. The personalization by the mobile manufacturer is practically absent, saving those PureDisplay options that we will see also before.

We thoroughly compare the customization layers of Android: this is the software of Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, Google and more

The phone comes without bloatware or apps from Nokia or HMD's own utilities (except one for assistance), finding the ones that it urges to place Google on any mobile. We can uninstall or disable those that do not interest us, and may not install Play Books and Play Games as well as Lightroom, which Nokia proposes in the pre-installation.

Nokia 9 Pureview Apps

Ace, apps are organized in a drawer which is accessible by pulling the small central bar that replaces the traditional navigation buttons (whether we like it or not). In Android stock we still do not see gestures as such (such as MIUI, OxygenOS or iOS) having this bar that allows you to go back or to the previous app with a single gesture, and that shares swipe for multitasking (shorter) or for said drawer (longer), which is not the most comfortable, really.

Nokia 9 Pureview Apps With this app drawer comes the Nokia 9 PureView factory.

Nokia 9 Pureview App Google apps can be disabled.

Nokia 9 Pureview Desktop The desktop as presented when you first start the Nokia 9 PureView.

The settings they are structured in an orderly and deductive way, with the generic sections that we usually find. The simple and minimalist aesthetic helps to make navigation by them quite intuitive, and if we do not have the search box as we usually see in the layers of customization.

Nokia 9 Pureview

The purity in the software has a number of advantages: updates per day without relying on other services and less loaded storage, which favors a fluidity that we see in each transition (saving very, very few occasions). However, face B is that the system falls short in additions in terms of screen configuration, sound and energy consumption.

What we have is the Digital well-being, that sneak that shows us in what we have spent time with the mobile, the times we have unlocked it and the notifications received. If we are worried about the time we spend using the device and / or it is good for us to establish rest times (with a certain obligation), we can set them by apps or in a proper rest mode to act with all the software (putting the mobile in white and black, but the captures come out in color).

Nokia 9 Pureview Wellness Some of the Digital Wellness options and the main screen (left). If you want to disconnect (and you can not "can" by yourself), it is possible and very easy with this and with the rest time.

Nokia 9 Pureview Mode The rest time is activated automatically unless we configure it. We will see it by the notification and the icon that remains in the taskbar (we indicate it in the capture on the right), and if we do not touch anything by default the grayscale is activated (for all the contents).

Of course, Android One becomes a more valid alternative for those who prefer simplicity and fluency as constants. If you are not going to miss certain configuration additions, own functions or maybe something related to the camera app it easily becomes enough software.

Nokia 9 Pureview Android

Of course, in the opposite case (or if we come from more invasive and nourished layers of extras) we can miss the aspects that we have mentioned in reference to having more options for the configuration of the screen or the audio, as well as at the security level and consumption as is example MIUI (which gives enough possibilities at this level).


We jump again to more own characteristics (which are not exclusive, much less) of range stops when talking about biometrics, although with quotes, many quotes. While the physical fingerprint readers continue to give good results (being fast, safe and effective), the integrated ones on the screen make their way with their release at the surface level of the chassis and their comfort in terms of the position that the thumb adopts, over all talking about interesting variants like the ultrasonic reader of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + among others.

It is not the case of the Nokia 9. The six-camera mobile leaves room to the five backs on its back thanks to integrating the reader into the screen, but it is optical and its performance is not only far from that of the ultrasonic, but also is left behind With respect to the other peaks that we have tested in other phones such as the OnePlus or the Xiaomi.

Nokia 9 Pureview Usb

We have lacked a 100% rigorous statistic, but in broad strokes we can say that 95% of the time we reading failed. But not the failure to partially put the footprint or that in a relocation / second attempt is solved, we talk about giving up on it and opting for a traditional method.

Normally tell us that we apply more force (Which is always convenient, at this level is quite demanding), but in many occasions the reading will not be effective even if we do it and try to ensure that the maximum surface of the fingerprint occupies the scanning area. Something that is partly designed to be comfortable and improve the user experience in this case is quite far from that initial idea.

Nokia 9 Pureview Biometrics A picture can be worth a thousand words, and it captures the usual ethnicity when trying to unlock Nokia 9 PureView:
1) Facial recognition fails.
2) Impossible to unlock it by fingerprint.
3) The alternative traditional method is activated.

Nor is a valid alternative the facial recognition. It is a basic technology, based on the front camera and away from those complex machinery that we have seen in Apple's Face ID and other advanced facial recognition systems. Face registration occurs quickly and easily, but we rarely achieve valid recognition when this system is necessarily started with an active screen (we will see it with the icon about the time).

It does not work in the dark (It is already a miracle that I do it with adequate lighting), nor when adding glasses. There are not many configuration options (we don't find two reading levels so that we can leave a less demanding one), so we have little alternative in this regard.

In the end, despite having everything activated, most of the time we have pulled non-biometric release for convenience, after getting tired of trying with the fingerprints and that the correct facial reading is somewhat anecdotal. Here there is a lot, but that much room for improvement, HMD, in the case of something that is almost a drawer for years for much of the competition (and more in the case of a special mobile).

Nokia 9 Pureview Use System

Chambers: the union is strength, but not the supremaca

The star combination in the rear cameras of the phones in 2018 and 2019 is the triple camera with the standard lens, the zoom and a wide angle. So much so that even this combination is rumored for the Pixels and the iPhone, which until now have endured Stoics with two and even with a single rear camera.

In contrast to the latter is this Nokia 9 PureView, although not everything is the number of rear cameras in this case. In fact, as we said Nokia's approach is different to those who have mounted multiple rear cameras by doing so with five identical cameras.

The five cameras of the Nokia 9 PureView, explained: we analyze what the mobile that brings to its maximum expression contributes the more the better

The optics of the five cameras (designed and manufactured by the manufacturer Carl Zeiss) is the same, sharing resolution and pixel size of the sensors and the f / 1.8 aperture

Thus, the optics of the five cameras (designed and manufactured by the manufacturer Carl Zeiss) is the same, sharing resolution and pixel size of the sensors and the f / 1.8 aperture. That's right, it's about three color sensors (RGB) and two monochrome, remembering the bet that Huawei made at the time (but combining two sensors, and not five).

Nokia 9 Pureview Rear Cameras Detail

The cameras work at the same time and the key has been placed in the computer photography, with an algorithm in charge of collecting the information provided by the five sensors and processing it to create a unique image. Hence in the contact the process of taking and viewing a photo was strikingly slow (and now we will see today).

The promise: great sharpness, high detail recovery, depth of field and high dynamic range. In fact, we will see a sample of confidence at this level in the app below (spoiler: there is no manual control of the HDR).

Nokia 9 Pureview Rear

As we said at the beginning, the cameras are placed in double rhombus, so that one of the monochrome cameras is placed in the upper vortex and the rest is just at the opposite end, the remaining RGB and double-tone LED flash filling. , as well as the depth sensor. On the other hand, for the front camera they have opted for a 20 megapixel RGB sensor.

Camera app

Sometimes the expectation plays against us, and in this case we expected one of those camera apps that require sitting for a while to inspect each section, each function, each icon, each section. But what we find is Nokia's slightly redesigned app for this terminal, and although it has interesting and necessary aspects in a way it could have been a better companion of so much camera.

Nokia 9 Pureview Photographing 01

The interface complies with the already traditional navigation scheme for swipes between sections, the default shooting being standard, pro mode, video, portrait mode, manual mode, monochrome mode, panoramic, square, slow motion and fast camera. But, as they offer in Samsung, here too we can reorder and activate or not the modes (except the fixed ones), so that we can do something faster the workflow.

Nokia 9 Pureview Int Cam Rear

Within each mode the options are rather limited. In the pro mode we cannot play with the manual focus and the exposure time is somewhat short if we talk about trying shots with long exposures, the monochrome and the portrait also do not have options and the HDR it is understood; In the automatic mode we can choose the application of the depth map or not (and its 1,200 layers, according to the manufacturer), but we will have to like the dynamic range as it applies.

Nokia 9 Pureview Int Cam Rear

In the settings We found something interesting for those most interested in the advanced photographic possibilities of this mobile: we can activate the saving of RAW in DNG format, with which we can edit the photos as they are taken (without automatic processing) from the mobile with apps like Adobe Lightroom, or exporting them to another computer. We also see there the possibility to silence the shutter (thanks), adjust the size of photographs and videos or add grid in the interface.

Nokia 9 Pureview Settings

What is not seen is the price to be paid for the processing and the same weight of activating and operating five and not one, two or three cameras: the slow. The app is slow at startup, regardless of the going (both with the mobile locked from the shortcut in the lower corner and from the icon on the home screen), in fact sometimes we will see the logo of a kind of flower in the screen, with which we will familiarize ourselves soon being the one that represents that the mobile is thinking about some photo task, either the opening of the app itself or the processing of a photo (we will see it in the notification bar).

Nokia 9 Pureview Processing Charge

In this regard, comment also that it will be worth more arm ourselves with patience to review the photographs. The final volume of these depends on the conditions and the type (those of portrait mode are very, very heavy, for example), but normally it takes about 10 seconds to see the photo we take in the gallery (the Photos app).

Nokia 9 Pureview Display

It also influences that we have activated saved in DNG, which always be somewhat slower. In addition, the shot itself also takes its time, and it is not uncommon for the photos with the front camera to take the photo when we are no longer posing.

Nokia 9 Pureview Int Cam

It is not a mobile for those who seek immediacy, not at least as it has reached the market. But beyond the licenses that are taken in the form of seconds, let's see how these photographs are of such a layer and promising dynamic range on paper.

Rear cameras

In general the fruit of the sum of efforts of the five cameras gives photographs with realistic colors and saving detail. Without miracles in this sense, but without having a optical zoom, the funds are kept fairly well, without pulling any contour accentuation (a resource as easy as it is not convenient that luckily we do not see here).

Nokia 9 Auto 01 Automatic photography.

Nokia 9 Layers 02

Seeing the photographs in DNG, normally overexposed, of what is wrong is certain underexposure, but nothing serious that is not fixed with a slight edition. It looks especially in the backlights when the light is not too intense or white, with good results indoors or sunsets / sunrises.

Nokia 9 Raw Vs Auto

Nokia 9 Pureview Raw

As for the dynamic rangeLuckily, the result is far from what the interface shows when we shoot (where it shows a preview of a fairly small range). Normally it recovers well the information of lights and shadows as well as the chromatic one, with realistic results and without burning skies.

Nokia 9 Auto 02 Automatic photography.

That s, in medium-low light the detail is lost a lot and eye if we are photographing tems with as much contour as the foliage of a tree. The fog is something that the processing corrects quite a lot taking the RAW as a reference, but in these conditions we can see loss of detail, some artifact, noise and remains of that fog especially if it is photographs at dusk.

Nokia 9 Pureview Interiors Detail

Of night The white balance can be played by us, usually leaving at very high temperatures and leaving the pictures very orange. Luckily there is the manual mode to try to adjust this and also the ISO, although it is usually very high and leaving photographs invaded by noise and over exposed.

Nokia 9 Auto Interiors 01 Automatic photography. With the manual it can be corrected when, as in this case, the automatic white balance is not correct.

Nokia 9 Auto Night Iso 1600 Photo in automatic 2x (ISO 1600) with the depth map activated.

Nokia 9 Auto Night 01 Photograph in automatic mode.

Nokia 9 Auto Night Iso Trying to take a long exposure photo (and failing in the attempt) we see the difference between "squeeze" the ISO and pass. The one above is done in automatic mode, becoming too much noise and loss of detail, the second with manual mode, too underexposed but getting more white balance and no excess noise.

It's a shame that manual mode do not have manual focus. This mobile looks particularly in the macro by creating a natural blur that rarely requires us to subsequently edit the depth in the editor, but shots like this are not possible without a manual approach that allows you to play beyond the block.

Nokia 9 Pureview Layers 03 Photo in automatic. It is not edited nor is it portrait mode.

Nokia 9 Pureview Moment Manual We took this photo with the Moment Pro Camera app, pulling manual adjustments.

Speaking of this, portrait mode is spectacular. It is not perfect and sometimes there is some borrn, but normally the clipping is accurate and the blur is very natural and effective, pulling that depth map and can be edited later in the Photos app.

Nokia 9 Pureview Portrait Portrait mode

Nokia 9 Pureview Portrait 03 This is one of the photographs that surprised us most for good. In this situation, many portrait modes (based almost entirely on the software) fail a lot, giving quite poor results (take a look at the last comparison) in the third case for portrait mode, for example). Here it separates the leaves of the background in an excellent way, with very little contrast with it.

It comes out well both in simpler situations, where the main subject is further from the background and there is more contrast between the two, but also in those in which other portrait mode is not even activated as the low illumination. We depend entirely on the automatic focus to work and we will not know if the mode has been applied successfully until we see the photo, which occurs almost every time (but there is no indicator that it is activated, as in other cases). interfaces).

Nokia 9 Pureview Portrait 01 Portrait in portrait mode.

As for the differences between a photo in automatic and a activating the depth map (layers ON), especially in that edition of the background blur that we mentioned. If we are not going to edit this (or the photo is not going to be provided), we will not notice differences between one result and another (which does not mean that it will not be wrong for the app to explain it better at the beginning).

Nokia 9 Pureview Int Camera En el modo automtico tendremos el acceso directo para activar o no el mapa de profundidad.

Nokia 9 Pureview Edicion Si la foto se realiza con el mapa de profundidad activado, posteriormente podremos ir a la app Fotos y saldr la opcin de editar profundidad dndole al botn de editar.

Nokia 9 Auto Vs Prof Editada La foto del ejemplo anterior, en detalle antes y despus de editar la profundidad.

Nokia 9 Pureview Comp Capas

Nokia 9 Pureview Comp Capas 01

Nokia 9 Pureview 01 Auto

Nokia 9 Pureview 01 Profundidad

Nokia 9 Pureview 03 Auto

Nokia 9 Pureview 04 Profundidad

The modo monocromo ofrece el resultado que dan los sensores para blanco y negro y no combina con los RGB. Es una manera de obtener disparos de este tipo de manera genuina e instantnea, pero probablemente tampoco significar una diferencia tan grande a la aplicacin de un buen filtro para muchos usuarios.

Nokia 9 Pureview Bn

Front camera

La cmara frontal da buenos resultados a nivel de rango dinmico y colorimetra. En ocasiones se aplica un contraste algo exagerado y un balance de blancos algo fro, eso s, sobre todo si la iluminacin no es uniforme o es demasiado directa.

nokia 9 PureView retrato frontal

No hay mucho ajuste disponible para esta cmara: evidentemente no hay capas y sin sensores de blanco y negro no tenemos disparo en monocromo, pero s modo retrato.

Nokia 9 Frontal Auto 01

En el retrato es imposible no comparar de manera involuntaria con el resultado de las traseras y es muy distinto, aunque recordamos que stas usan mucha ms informacin que la que es capaz de recoger la cmara frontal. El recorte suele fallar bastante ms, aunque hay que decir a su favor que salva muy bien el detalle en la parte frontal, sin que haya prdida de nitidez o desenfoque.

Nokia 9 Frontal Retrato Detalle 01

En general, la ventaja que tiene sobre el desempeo de las cmaras traseras es que no es tan lenta, si bien como hemos comentado la app en general lo es e igual que cuesta cambiar de un modo a otro el paso de una cmara a otra tambin es lento (en ocasiones, mucho). Pero como cmara frontal rinde segn lo esperado, con margen de mejora en el retrato, las fotos nocturnas y el contraste pero con resultado correcto.

Nokia 9 Frontal Retrato 02


El resultado del vdeo dista bastante del que veamos en fotografa. El rango dinmico es bastante peor, si bien el detalle se conserva bien (sobre todo en 4K) y los colores siguen realistas.

Normalmente la informacin de luces y sombras se recupera bien, aunque puede darnos algunas tomas subexpuestas en contraluces o cuando la luz va disminuyendo en exteriores. The captura de sonido se produce sin problemas (como siempre, ojo de no tapar el micro), y lo mejor es dejarlo en envolvente porque de ese modo el resultado es ms realista.

Lo que no destaca es la estabilizacin. No parece haber un sistema de estabilizacin ptica de imagen o bien no acta como debera, y es habitual que si grabamos andando haya tremors (sobre todo de noche). Las tomas en 1080p suelen ser ms estables que las de 4K, aunque perdamos algo de resolucin.

Of night la calidad disminuye como es habitual. La nitidez es baja y la estabilizacin casi est ausente, aunque lo que nos puede pasar es que aparezcan bloques verdes en la toma (quizs relacionados con los sistemas de enfoque por diferencia de contraste), pero es algo muy aleatorio y no es habitual.

The cmara frontal da unos resultados dentro de lo que cabra esperar. Tambin muy contrastados y con un balance de blancos algo fro, y sobre todo de noche veremos esos temblores al andar tal y como los veamos en las traseras.


En el cuerpo del Nokia 9 PureView hay espacio para una batera de 3.320 miliamperios/hora. Una cifra que queda en ese rango entre 3.000 y 3.500 mAh que preludia un rendimiento medio, sin sorpresas, pero que como siempre esto es una estimacin casi ms subjetiva que otra cosa y hay muchos ms aspectos que predeterminan la autonoma media en un mvil, como otros componentes y el software.

Nokia 9 Pureview Usb

Los patrones de uso tambin influyen en la experiencia final con una pila y un mvil determinado, y en este caso hemos podido emular distintos niveles de consumo diario alternando conectividad con wifi, de datos, largas sesiones de fotografa o multimedia y das de menos actividad con algn rato de navegacin y redes sociales. El resultado: el Nokia 9 cumple justo, sin quedarse en la cola pero tampoco conquistando a este nivel.

La media que nos da es de unas 20 horas de autonoma media, con unas cuatro horas y media de pantalla activa. Los das que hacemos un uso menos intenso nos aguanta 24 horas, pero si dedicamos algunas horas a fotografa o a reproduccin de vdeo normalmente se quedar en esas 20 horas.

Nokia 9 Pureview

No nos obliga a estar pendientes de enchufes o bateras externas (si salimos con el mvil cargado del todo o al menos con un 75%), pero tampoco son cifras que digan mucho de la batera o del rendimiento energtico del terminal. A este respecto, con el cargador del pack tarda dos horas y diez minutos en completar una carga de 0 a 100% (mvil apagado), llegando al 50% en 33 minutos.

Sonido: otra caracterstica que no lo colocara en gama alta

Como comentbamos en el apartado de diseo, no hay lugar en la estructura del Nokia 9 PureView para el jack de 3,5 milmetros. La conexin fsica disponible para los auriculares es el USB tipo-C, entregndose con el mvil eso s un adaptador de jack a USB que permite conectar los auriculares que tambin se entregan u otros estndar.

Nokia 9 Pureview Audio

El altavoz de la parte inferior ser el encargado de sacar el audio cuando se tire de esta salida, sin disponer de audio en estreo. La verdad es que la parte del sonido es quizs de las que menos brilla en este mvil con acabado charol, emitiendo un sonido muy plano, sin apenas matiz y que es susceptible de perder calidad de manera acusada en cuanto se sobrepasa el 60% del nivel de volumen.

Se echa en falta rango dinmico, mucha potencia en los bajos y sobre todo nitidez

As, se echa en falta rango dinmico, mucha potencia en los bajos y sobre todo nitidez. De potencia no va mal porque a la salida del altavoz registramos 113 decibelios (que ambientales se diluyen en unos 70-80) ponindolo al mximo, lo cual da para que pueda servir de centro multimedia en lo referente a nuestro espacio vital (no tanto para ambientar una habitacin por la distorsin y la falta de nitidez).

Nokia 9 Pureview Audio

With headphones logramos mejorar algo la experiencia al eliminar elementos de por medio y dirigir el sonido ms directamente a nuestro canal auditivo, aunque precisamente los que se entregan con el mvil tampoco son de la calidad esperada emitiendo un sonido poco ntido y como encerrado en un bote. Con otros auriculares mejores (por ejemplo, algunos supraurales como unos Corsair HS50 Stereo o unos Sony MDR10RBT) la experiencia es mucho mejor, teniendo un sonido con un rango dinmico ms amplio y algo ms de matiz.

No encontramos tampoco unos ajustes de audio que permitan gestionar por ejemplo el ecualizador o aadir algn tipo de perfil que mejore la audicin, o el Dolby Atmos que normalmente ampla un poco ms el rango dinmico y se potencian los graves. Es por ello que a nivel de audio creamos que tambin hay mucho que mejorar, y que quizs sea uno de esos casos en los que una gran inversin (cmara) canibalice a otras (audio, biometra).

Nokia 9 Pureview Ajustes

Nokia 9 PureView, la opinin de Xataka

Lo decamos al inicio y lo volvemos a exponer: el dj vu con el Nokia Lumia 1020 es inevitable por el carcter que parecer tener este lanzamiento, megapxeles a parte. Un mvil que no prima la potencia en conjunto o ser una opcin asequible para un gran pblico, sino que se centra en lograr algo a nivel fotogrfico que no tenga precedentes (o que los tenga lejos).

Nokia 9 Pureview Marcos

El aspecto ya anticipa que al final no sea un mvil para todos los pblicos, ni lo sea para el usuario jugn ni el que prima compartir fotos sin pretensiones en redes sociales o mensajera: es un smartphone para quien quiera dedicar tiempo, mucho tiempo, a la fotografa. Casi ms por aficin que por presentar unos resultados apotesicos.

Nokia 9 Pureview Uso Mitv

No nos parece que la experiencia con cinco cmaras traseras vaya a suponer un antes y un despus, ni tampoco consideramos que sea un anticipo de lo que podemos llegar a ver en el futuro en relacin al aumento de nmero de cmaras traseras. Como dijimos en su lanzamiento y hemos recordado tras haberlo probado, la meta aqu no es la versatilidad (sa que se nos vende -y no siempre se nos da- con la triple/cudruple cmara trasera), sino apostar por la suma de sensores de un mismo tipo para que en conjunto den posibilidades casi nicas.

Nokia 9 Pureview Trasera

Al final la sensacin no es tanto sa; s es cierto que en las macro y los retratos vemos un nivel que echamos de menos en la mayora de gamas alta, y aunque los monocromos no sean tan impactantes o diferenciadores es un buen aliciente que adems da ms utilidad a parte de esos sensores. Pero al final la excesiva lentitud en casi todo lo relacionado con las sesiones de fotos empobrece mucho la experiencia y para un usuario que busca la esencia de la fotografa mvil por definicin (inmediatez, comodidad) se llega a hacer pesado tener que esperar para fotografiar o ver las fotos.

Nokia 9 Pureview Pantalla Uso

De ah que lo veamos como un producto para un pblico quizs ms reducido, que busque algo distinto en un mvil y casi ms cercano al flujo de trabajo con una DLSR. Sobre todo si adems hay una preferencia por el software puro sin capas de personalizacin.

Nokia 9 Pureview Audio








A favor

  • Al frontal le falta una actualizacin, pero la manera en la que se integran las cmaras traseras es muy acertada y "discreta" (sin salientes, etc.).
  • El modo retrato y en general las fotografas macro y primeros planos son muy buenas.
  • La limpieza de Android One tiene su lado positivo: nada de bloatware ni interfaces cargadas.

En contra

  • El audio tiene bastante margen de mejora.
  • La lentitud en los procesados, la app y la carga de imgenes empobrece bastante la experiencia fotogrfica.
  • Los mtodos de desbloqueo biomtricos funcionan bastante mal, al final es mejor prescindir de ellos.

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Nokia 9 PureView 6/128GB Dual Sim Azul Libre

Nokia 9 PureView 6/128GB Dual Sim Azul Libre