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Monster Hunter on Android with a console game at console prices

Gradually we assist in the transfer of the classic console to smartphone, often with direct conversions and others with touchscreen adaptations of the "big" titles. In the case at hand, Monster Hunter Stories, we have a game of the first category: Capcom move the entire universe that our owners have already enjoyed to our Android phones Nintendo 3DS.

Since it is a direct conversion that does not suffer cuts along the way, the game lacks in-app purchases, ads and, above all, Capcom takes the opportunity to include news. You will imagine that Monster Hunter Stories It will have a price: the toll to be paid is almost 22 euros. It is acceptable given the quality and extent of the proposal, but there is no doubt that it escapes from many pockets.

Beyond the inconvenience of the price, which will surely scare most, the truth is that Monster Hunter Stories It is a game of which there are few on Android. Quality and extension of the console, rich graphics and a history as deep as wide is the number of Monsties that allows hunting. And collect, because the course turn given with the argument turns the experience into a trip of more than 30 hours.

Monster Hunter Stories, the Nintendo 3DS game moved to your mobile

Monster Hunter already on Android with a console game at console price

If you have tried any of the Monster hunter You will know what you are facing: a world full of monsters and a story that will be unraveling as your character progresses with training and also hunting. Although Monster Hunter Stories the approach takes a turn allowing hunters to become riders or riders; going on to ride the monsters and collect them.

The story follows the plot line of a Classic RPG offering large doses of adventure and surprise. It is an extensive game, as the classics of the genre should be. And it tests the power of Android mobiles since the graphics load is important.

Monster Hunter already on Android with a console game at console price

You want to try Monster Hunter Stories And you don't want to spend the 22 euros it costs? You can access a free demo of the game that you know how it works on your mobile without paying a cent and without being bothered by advertising: the demo is completely clean. Y will keep your progress in case you end up buying Monster Hunter Stories in full. You win will not be missing, another thing is to accompany the wallet.

A good bet that demonstrates the ability of mobile phones to offer great stories

Yes, it may be too expensive, but it lives up to its price. And it is cheaper than it is worth Monster Hunter Stories in console, for example. In addition, it is always good news that the developers decide to bring their great titles to Android, better than there are alternatives to free-to-play.

Here is the demo of the game and the full version of Monster Hunter Stories for Android. Warning: only the demo already weighs 1.48 GB.

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