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Huawei smart scale: design, features and price

Although the telephone division of the Asian manufacturer is its great exponent, the Shenzhen-based firm offers all kinds of solutions. And no, we not only talk about their 5G networks, but all kinds of devices. We have already seen how is the smartband Honor Band 5, maximum rival of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. And now, it is the turn of the new Huawei smart scale.

Yes, it seems that the manufacturer wants to continue competing with Xiaomi. And, in this case, he has opted for an intelligent scale. Under the name of Yolanda Body Fat Scale, we find a fairly complete solution that will help us control our body weight.

And not only that. Another of the benefits of the Yolanda Body Fat Scale, comes with the fact that, through the sensors located at the base of this smart scale, we can know different parameters, such as the body fat index, or our heart rate.

Huawei smart scales

These are the benefits of Huawei's Yolanda Body Fat Scale smart scale

Why do you need to know the rhythm of our pulsations? Well to know the ability to control our resting heart rate, ideal to know if we are in good condition. Even through these results you can create a relationship between heart rate and the amount of fat in our body, which will help us make a diet and exercise plan according to our needs.

In addition, his system of bioimpedance also control other parameters. Exactly, being able to control 17 different body data, so we will not lack any information about our physical state. On the other hand, this model has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The reason? Be able to carry a control in our phone of the different weighing we perform. For this reason, have a custom application that allows us to include different profiles. Ideal if there are several members of the same family using this smart scale from Huawei. We can even upload this data to the cloud, so we never lose information. You just have to get on the Yolanda Body Fat Scale, so that it detects which user is using it.

And eye, which is capable of detect weights between 200 grams and 180 kilograms. In this way, you can use the Huawei Yolanda Body Fat Scale to weigh food. Ideal if you are following a strict diet. As for the price and release date of this smart scale from the manufacturer, say that Huawei has not yet announced the release date of its Yolanda Body Fat Scale. But we know that to reach China at a price of 99 yuan, about 13 euros to change. A really interesting figure, more if we take into account its technical characteristics.