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Google Maps already warns you of speed cameras in Spain

A few months ago we learned that Google was working on a Google Maps update that would allow its users to know where the fixed speed radars were.

Now this function is starting to arrive in Spain and it is that many users see how when programming a route they appear the new icons that represent the radars, positioned in the fixed location that they have.

Only fixed, non-mobile speed cameras are notified

In Spain it is legal to know where there are fixed radars, in fact on the roads many times this is signaled. What It is not legal to advise on the location of a mobile speed radar, since the one that varies between different points is to make sure that nobody skips the rules.

In fact there are applications that serve this, to know where the fixed radars are, but as we say not those that are temporary. In addition, disseminating the location of the latter may lead to a fine.

In the case of Google Maps we will have an icon of a white camera on an orange background at the point where the radar is located.

As we get closer the system will alert us, if we have the voice alerts of the application activated, that we approach that radar.

Application interface

If we click on the camera icon we will get a floating window that will tell us the last moment in which the information on that particular radar has been updated.

At the moment this function is looking like a few users in Spain and, although we have installed the application and we have updated it, we must wait for Google to activate the function from its servers so it could take a few days to have it operational.

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