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Evolve in Pokmon Masters: how to improve Pokmon

Pokmon Masters is a game that you should try on your mobile or if you are a lover of these little pocket creatures. Starting at Pokmon Masters is easy, and so you can confirm the more than 100,000 users who downloaded the game during its first hours in app stores.

When playing, tell that Pokmon Masters does not follow some of the rules of the previous games of the universe. For example, the bouts are 3 against 3 coaches. They have also changed some details in the evolution, so it is best that Pay attention to the following guide to know how you can improve your Pokmon.

Evolve in Pokmon Masters: how to improve Pokmon

The most important novelty of Pokmon Masters is that Pokmon are not captured, as they always accompany their coach. So, what you should do is make friends with couples, also known as compis, to join your group and fight together in the fighting.

Once they are in your team, the Pokémon will not only have to reach X level to evolve, you need something else. It is not easy either Megaevolve in combat, something reserved only for some compis couples. Step by step, we explain everything about these processes below.

Normal evolution of a Pokmon

The Pokmon of the game usually have two phases of evolution: the first, from level 30, and the second, from level 45. Until you reach those levels, the Pokmon will not be able to perform the first or second grade evolution. To level up, choose the pairs of compis in the fighting and have them gain experience.

Participating in the battles, the Pokmon and their coaches will improve until they reach level 30. When you get it, appear a new mission for that pair of compis in the menu of missions to consist of a confrontation of the Pokmon against another creature. It is not enough to accept the challenge, you need a special object to be able to fight.

In exchange for participating in the evolutionary combat, you have to give 5 evolutionary gems (each of them is worth 1,000 coins in the store). Once you have the 5 evolutionary gems, you only have to win the fight so that the Pokmon undergoes its first evolution and thus improves its abilities.

Pokemon Masters

Attention, If you lose the battle, you keep the evolutionary gems that you had used in the mission. Do not run to participate in the evolutionary combat when you reach level 30, it is advisable to raise it a little more to easily win the confrontation.

To evolve the pair of compis to their last grade or state, you must take them to level 45. The combat is even more complicated, so it is best to overcome that level before accepting the mission. In order to participate in the challenge, On this occasion you will need 3 maximum evolutionary gems, interchangeable in the store for 5,000 coins unit.

Mega Evolution of a Pokmon

In Pokmon Masters, there are Pokmon that cannot evolve further by having reached their maximum or having no evolution. Still, these monsters can suffer something known as megaevolution, a temporary change in fighting that greatly improves the power of the Pokmon.

To megaevolve a pair of compis you don't need any special items in your pocket, just use a synchronization attack with one of the following partners:

  • Agatha and Mega Gengar

  • Bugsy and Mega Beedrill

  • Karen and Mega Houndoom

  • Corelia and Mega Lucario

  • Noland and Mega Pinsir

  • Blue and Mega Pidgeot

At the moment, these are the pairs of compis that megaevolve when the synchronization attack is used in Pokmon Masters. If you have any of them, Do not hesitate to take advantage of this maximum evolution to see how your Pokmon improves its skills and becomes a powerful participant in combat.

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