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Benefits of an MDM in a hotel

Hotels are using mobile device management to optimize their operations and logistics, improving customer satisfaction

The hotel sector is in the transformation phase and is adopting different technologies to provide its guests with the best possible user experience. The use of a mobile device manager (MDM) allows customers from booking the hotel stay to digital maps of check-in or access to social media. In addition, with the BYOD trend, accommodation employees can also benefit from the characteristics of an MDM by managing, for example, the requests and the different hotel data.

Mobile device management is a solution that allows the management of mobile devices, such as smart phones, laptops or tablets. As the number of devices that customers carry with them increases, hotels incorporate business mobility tools to improve establishment performance and to provide a complete user experience. In this post we highlight five benefits that a mobile device manager brings to a hotel.

  1. Remote device management

Due to the BYOD trend, employees use their devices for personal and professional use. The MDM solution makes it easy to track and manage these terminals efficiently. Therefore, many hotels are installing tablets in the rooms to improve customer service. In addition, these devices can be analyzed for vulnerabilities in the network, providing diagnostics for resolution.

  1. App Regulation

Free access to the network and to certain applications have become very popular in the hotel sector. With the inclusion of an MDM in a hotel you can choose the applications that you want to deactivate through the network to create a good experience for the guests and the employees themselves.

  1. Data protection and backup

Related to the previous point, managing the data using a mobile device management solution can reduce the risk of costly incidents related to the breach of hotel policies. The MDM protects the data and prevents the leakage or deletion of information on the devices of unauthorized users.

  1. Extended Security Features

For most hoteliers it is essential to have their digital networks secured to prevent weaknesses in the system. With the administration of mobile devices, security measures can be expanded by facilitating the requirement of authentication of the devices or active surveillance of the registered terminals. There is also the possibility of allowing the physical location of mobile devices in the network to be monitored to prevent their theft or loss.

  1. Establishment of use policies

Each hotel should have an established policy of using the networks, applying equally between customers and staff. An MDM solution can help you adapt and consolidate your regulation while monitoring the entire network. Some of its features include the definition of WiFi parameters, the establishment of compliance guidelines and the network optimization function.

Effectively manage the devices found in the hotel

With the implementation of business mobility solutions, hotels experience a significant improvement in the productivity of their employees and the user experience of the clients while they are staying. A good team, like the one we have in TUY Technology, provides you with a complete management of mobile devices for both staff and guests.

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