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Apple Family Sharing: If you don't use it, you're losing your money


Family Sharing is an Apple feature that many people don't use.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

When the function was launched Apple Family Sharing Together with iOS 8, I solved an important problem: giving family members access to the applications that one of them already paid for, without having to buy it again for a spouse or daughter to use. Before Family Sharing emerged, you will have to share your Apple ID with family members, which is uncomfortable and insecure. At that time, sharing your Apple ID was the only way to log in to the App Store and iTunes to access the purchase history of another user to download applications that have already been paid.

Now, Family Sharing has become a function to share Apple Music subscriptions and iCloud storage plans, without doubling or tripling application spending, and without invalidating your password security. Apple Family Sharing even helps you find a lost device thanks to integrated location sharing.

The Family Sharing function is not complicated to configure, as it only takes a few minutes for each member of the group. Before creating a family group, make sure you know who is the family organizer; They are responsible for setting up the group and sending invitations. "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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Family Sharing: Requirements and limitations

  • All members of a family need a device that runs iOS 8 as a minimum, or a Mac with OS X Yosemite or newer.
  • You will need (of course) your Apple ID and an iCloud account.
  • Groups in Family Sharing are limited to 6 members.
  • If you enable shared purchases, the payment method of the family organizer will be used to pay for all purchases.

What is shared between members?

When you activate Family Sharing, you have the option to share (or not share) the following:

  • ITunes and App Store purchases
  • Apple Music Subscription
  • ICloud storage
  • Share location (currently through Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, but that will change withiOS 13.
  • Screen time
  • Apple News +

In addition, a list of reminders and a calendar for your family group is automatically created. There is also a "Family" album created and shared between the group in the Photos application.

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The organizer must send invitations to the other members of Family Sharing.

Apple, Inc.

How to start a family group

If you have already decided who in your group to be the organizer of your family, people should set up Family Sharing and send invitations.

On an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, open the application Configuration, touch your name and then on Configure Family Sharing.

On a Mac, open System Preferences> iCloud and click on the Family Sharing button.

Your device will guide you through the rest of the process and ask you to choose what you want to share with your family members. Once you have enabled everything you want to share, you can start sending invitations to your family members.

Once you've joined a group …

You can opt or decline most of the shared categories, except Apple Music and iCloud storage. These two categories are left to the family organizer to control them.

On an iOS device, go to Settings> touch your name> Family Sharing and look in the list of shared functions. Touch a category to see what controls you have available to you and then make the necessary adjustments.

Every time you download an application that has already been purchased by a family member, you will see a message telling you that you will not be charged for the application.

Alternatively, you can explore the purchase history of a member of your family by opening the App Store and touching the icon of your profile, followed by Purchased and then selecting the name of a member of your family.

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You don't have to share your location or purchase history with your family, but you probably want to do it.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

What happens when you leave a Family Sharing group?

You can leave (or be removed) from a group at any time. Once you are no longer part of that group, you will lose access to applications, movements, music, books and services purchased by another family member. For example, if you installed an application that was purchased by someone else in the group, the application will remain installed on your device, but you will not be able to use it until you pay for it yourself.

Your purchase history will no longer be shared with the family group, just like your location and the functions of Reminders, Calendar and Shared Photos will stop working. You can join another family group or start yours immediately after leaving a group. "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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