the best program to increase size without

the best program to increase size without

If you have a website, it is very likely that you have tried to reduce the dimensions of a photo in order to upload it to your blog. But what happens when we try to increase the size of it? That deforms and loses quality. Although, this program for Windows 10 Solve this problem.

And is that, AI Image Enlarger It is a free program for Windows 10 and Mac, which offers the possibility of converting photos and images from low to high definition. The best of all? That the end result is not a pixelated borrn. The reason? The scaling technology offered by this curious program.

As explained in Ghaks, this program, which is also free, for Windows 10, get one of the best possible results when it comes to enlarging a photo without losing resolution. Yes, you need an Internet connection

AI img Enlarger interface

Now you can enlarge any photo in Windows 10 without worrying about its resolution

Why do you need to connect to the network to work? Very easy: AI Img Enlarger uses its own servers so that, through the artificial intelligence of the program, achieve better results.

In addition, as you can see in the image that tops these lines, the interface of this free program for Windows 10 is really simple. You just have to drag an image into AI Img Enlarger and the application will show you a preview. Now, select one of the available styles and click on the send button. Its servers take very little time to process the photo and send you an improved version with greater resolution.

On the other hand, say that through the website of the developers of one of the best free programs for Windows 10 With which you can increase the resolution and size of any photo, you can carry out the process online, without downloading the AI ​​Img Enlarger program.

That is, in this case you have a series of size restrictions, so it is worth downloading the program in your computer with Windows 10 or Mac. Also, seeing the tremendous quality that AI Img Converter achieves, we are really facing one of the most complete tools you can find.

The idea of ​​being able to recover those old photos made with first generation phones is a great value to keep in mind, right? Finally, we leave you the download link so you can try this complete program for Windows 10 for free.

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