Instagram TV finds the solution to its lack of users: horizontal videos

Instagram TV and the solution to its lack of users: horizontal videos

One of the social networks that can openly say that it is popular and that does not stop growing in users is Instagram. This does not accuse the shadow of Facebook since, in addition to raising monthly users, it achieves a return on advertising revenue and has notable success in the Stories and in direct messages. Also in the published videos, hence Instagram thought it was a good idea to create a separate application.

Announced to hype and saucer almost eleven months ago, Instagram TV (IGTV) He aimed to eat a good piece of toast to the streaming queen platform, YouTube. For this they offered a dedicated app, footage of up to 60 minutes, possibility of attracting Instagram followers … And vertical videos.

Although initially started with notable expectation, the numbers show that IGTV is not the success that the company expected: it accumulates just over 1 million downloads, one thousandth of what the parent application, Instagram (more than one billion downloads). It is clear that IGTV is having trouble attracting the public. And he has found a good way to get it.

Instagram TV announces compatibility with horizontal videos

Instagram TV finds the solution to its lack of users: horizontal videos

Watching a vertical video is attractive for what content formats, but not all offer the same viewing comfort. Since many creators record horizontally, until now IGTV played the videos in a small window with the rest of the screen without taking advantage. It is incomprehensible, but it has taken almost a year for them to give their arm to twist.

In a complete article Instagram TV announces the new horizontal playback mode by hype and saucer. The mechanics are as simple as we have been doing almost since streaming is accessible from the smartphone: just rotate it to play the content horizontally taking advantage of the entire surface of the screen. IGTV remained obsessed in its efforts to force creators and users, but has had to give up.

The change in playback mode is already in distribution, but it is probably not yet available to you. It should arrive with the next update of the app.