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Wave V919 3G Air: analysis

Do you want a large and powerful tablet at the same time? Having Android without giving up the possibility of using Windows? Maybe the Wave V919 3G Air you are interested, and in The Free Android we tell you firsthand how it works in our analysis.

The Chinese market is advancing with more force, and not all the action is focused on the big ones like Xiaomi or Huawei: there are many smaller manufacturers fighting hand in hand with those brands to gain a foothold in this tight market. And who can resist a tablet that offers things like an Intel processor, dual boot of Android and Windows, or a high resolution screen?

Wave V919 3G Air: technical sheet and specifications

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<p>That's something we found in the <strong>Wave V919 3G Air</strong>: a tablet (clone of the iPad, why not say it) that wants to convince us with an Intel Atom processor and features like having Windows and Android at the same time. This is its specification sheet:</p>
<li>9.7-inch IPS screen, 2048 × 1536 pixels (264PPI)</li>
<li>Intel Atom Z3736F processor, quad-core and 64-bit at 1.3GHz (turbo up to 2.16GHz)</li>
<li>2GB of RAM</li>
<li>32 / 64GB of internal memory with microSD card slot up to 128GB</li>
<li>2MP front</li>
<li>5MP rear</li>
<li>7000mAh battery</li>
<li>3G calling and connection capabilities with microSIM card slot</li>
<li>Dual boot with Windows and Android</li>
<li>240 x 170 x 7.85 mm</li>
<li>496 grams</li>
<li>Prices: </li>
<h2>Design and construction</h2>
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