Google Store: la nueva tienda oficial de dispositivos

the new official device store

Habemus new shop from which to buy Google devices or those related to the company. It seems that the giant wants to separate the digital content from the physical and for this opens a new online store: Google Store

In it they will be collected all devices that the firm is launching, from phones, tablets or watches, to accessories or Chromebook laptops and computers. The premiere of the new Chromebook Pixel has also brought to light the Google's new store.

New hardware store: separating the digital from the physical

From a Chromecast to a case for the Nexus 6, everything can be purchased directly from this store and without going through Google Play (in fact by clicking on the Devices menu in Play, it already redirects to GStore). Of course, the design is very clear and simple, much more than Play, and the new sections stand out and give more prominence to the characteristics and functions of each gadget.

google store

You can access the Google Store from the following link:

Google Store

As you can see in it, Google has divided the new store into sections according to the type of devices that include, right now we find Phones, where only the Nexus 6 is (the Nexus 5 stops selling), Tablets, with the Nexus 9 in front, TV and Video, with Chromecast as the protagonist in the absence of the next Android TV; Android Wear, with watches from different manufacturers, and finally accessories.

Free shipping and much future with the Google Store

In addition, as a novelty regarding when sales were made from Google Play, the Google Store includes all free shipping and, for example, in the case of Nexus 6, its price has been reduced to € 599. In my opinion, good decision is that of separate devices from digital content, giving them the prominence they need and hopefully the list will continue to expand very soon.

google play store

Do you have questions about the new Google Store? Google has enabled a FAQ with frequent doubts, How to buy, payment methods and much more. You have it here.

What do you think about it?. By the way, the Google Store itself also releases social profiles, You can follow their news from Google+ and Twitter.