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The Google game for Halloween is awesome: try it now!

From time to time Google it occurs to him to create a game with which to enrich his list of Doodles, the logos that you publish in the search and that celebrate important events. If we look back we would see that Pac-Man was one of the most successful Doodles and ruined thousands of hours in productivity. But maybe he falls short of what Google has prepared for Halloween.

Following in the wake of other Halloween games, Google points to the mysterious and gloomy style with a title that this time is multiplayer. As you read it, a Doodle in game and multiplayer, these two data already give many clues about the scope of what you have accessible on your mobile or computer. And without you having to install anything, which is the best.

Compete with other ghosts to get the largest number of flames of your color

The Google game for Halloween is awesome: try it now!

The purpose of the game does not have much mystery: get more items than the opposing team. Once we agree to play we must wait for Google to match us with other players online. As in many multiplayer online competitions, we will face other opponents having their own side. Purple against green, who will win?

After a brief tutorial Google will throw you into its mysterious mansion after becoming a ghost. Get blue flames just by passing over them and take them to your color den: This way you will be adding points against the rival team. Although not everything was going to be as simple as the opposing team can steal your flames passing them to their color; You can do the same, of course.

The Google game for Halloween is awesome: try it now!

Halloween Doodle raises a multiplayer online competition with limited time per game. These items are open and can also be closed: it is possible to create one that It will be accessible only to who you invite. Of course, the rules will always be the same: two sides of ghosts facing each other in order to get the maximum number of flames of their color.

Play Halloween Doodle now from your mobile or from your computer

The Google game for Halloween is awesome: try it now!

Best of all, as we said, is that the new Google game dedicated to Halloween is accessible no need to download anything: just go to the search page and voila, there you will see the entrance to the game. What has already disappeared or simply want to have a direct link? You have it right next.

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