The Galaxy Note 10 will have two models, with new cameras

The Galaxy Note 10 will have two models, with new cameras

Although Samsung still has a problem with the Galaxy Fold and this model has no announced marketing date, the manufacturer continues to work in its next terminals and among them stands out what will be its new flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Today we have learned of new data related to this model, which suggest that there will not be a single variant, but with a normal model and a Pro model of greater power and screen size, and each of them will have two other variants, with 4G and with 5G.

The diagonals continue to rise

Samsung has always differentiated the Galaxy Note in screen size. They were their biggest mobiles but with the general increase in the diagonals, little stood out.

The Galaxy Note 10 will have four variants depending on whether it is the normal model or the Pro and whether or not it has 5G connectivity.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (SM-N970): 6.28 inches
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro (SM-N975): 6.75 inches
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G (SM-N971): 6.28 inches
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro 5G (SM-N976G): 6.75 inches

All models will feature curved edge screens with a 19: 9 ratio.

UFS 3.0 ultrafast memory

Another novelty of this model is the inclusion of storage memory with UFS 3.0 technology, the same one used by the OnePlus 7 Pro and which represents a notable jump in the fluidity of the terminal and the speed of its use.

New cameras

In addition, it has been filtered that there will be a change in the position of the cameras, both front and rear. This implies a design change and it was already speculated that the Note 10 would use the hole in the front of the S10.

What we do not know, but it seems that it will not be so, is whether Samsung will choose to use its new 64 Mpx sensors in the Note 10.

More battery

The last of the data refers to the battery. The 4G Pro model will have an amperage of 4500 mAh, a figure that is not negligible and that exceeds even the best positioned terminals in the market, always within the high range.

It is expected that the battery of 5G models is even larger since it has more space when using a larger screen and that its technology consumes more.