RuneScape for Android

RuneScape for Android now available, a legend of the MMO

Android may receive new games every week, but there are times when nostalgia beats us; occasions in which we would prefer to enjoy again the games that caught us years or even decades ago. And there are few things that give as much nostalgia as RuneScape.

RuneScape is a classic among classics in the MMO genre; released in 2001, it was one of the titles that started the fashion of massively multiplayer games, which allowed us to live a "second life" surrounded by other players in a virtual world.

RuneScape for Android, comes one of the legends of the MMO genre

Although it was not the first of its kind, far from it, RuneScape did implement many of the features we associate today with the genre; but more important was the ease with which we could start playing. Instead of installing a program, we could play through a web browser thanks to Java; This made it easier for RuneScape to be especially popular in institutes, universities, bookstores and other places frequented by young people with lots of free time.

It seems a lie, but RuneScape is still running on PC; Although the current version is graphically much more advanced, the basis of the game itself is practically the same. But even more striking is that the original game, that of 2001, has just been released on Android.

Old School RuneScape, as the name implies, is RuneScape with the classic style; No new generation graphics, orchestral music or modernized gameplay. Is the same old RuneScape, with its simple graphics, music that seems like a toy piano and hard and stubborn gameplay.

A classic-style game, with all that that entails

This game is only recommended if you are able to forgive its many failures according to current standards. There are many games with a "retro" aesthetic and playability, but this is different from everyone because it really was that way when it started 17 years ago.

RuneScape for Android

In RuneScape we can create our own character, and customize it with the look and features that we want as we go forward. The game world is huge, divided into different regions, each with its own style, its enemies and its rewards; If you are not careful, you may end up lost in an area with monsters capable of killing you with a blow.

Only in the first measures of the game will we have some peace of mind; The first zone serves as a tutorial and to acclimatize to the controls and the style of the game. Once we are released in the world, it is our business to decide what we want to do. Maybe we want to do missions, or train in certain skills, or trade with other players, or form a clan; or simply talk to other players. Freedom is absolute, and that's a good thing, but also a bad thing if you're used to being "hand in hand" like in modern games.

The Android version is as good as it could be

RuneScape on Android is as good as the first day; In fact, that is perhaps the biggest criticism we can make, that the interface is clearly designed for a mouse and keyboard. It has been modified, so that we can access all the functions with a touch or two, but it shows that it was not intended for that from the beginning.

At least the control is well adapted. We use gestures to move the camera and zoom in or out; and most of the time a simple touch on a character or object will give us whatever we want. We can also keep pressing to get the context menu, but it is too small to be usable. On large screens, such as tablets, it will be much easier to play.

Old School RuneScape it's a game like before, and that implies accepting certain conditions. The adaptation to Android is as good as we could expect without completely modifying the game; But that's not what the developers wanted, nor surely the fans.