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Rivals, download the famous strategy game now

A game is coming that will not only fill our Android screens with entertainment, it will also offer us hours of competition between players from all over the world. You like the real-time competitive strategy? Then you will love it Commands & Conquer: Rivals, a huge game of EA which is already in pre-registration.

The game has come to the Google Play Store to reserve a copy after its launch; which will be on December 4. Although yes, a prealpha version is available that opens the door to the full test of the game. Do you want to download it to your mobile? Thanks to Uptodown You have the download link available at the end of this article.

Commands & Conquer: Rivals It is a game that confronts two players on a board in which we will have to deploy the different troops. In the center there is a nuclear missile that we must control to launch it at the enemy base. Naturally, the adversary will do the same with us, so we must plan the best strategy to prevent it.

Combine your army units to deploy them effectively on the game board

Commands & Conquer: Rivals, download this great strategy game now (APK)

This EA game adapts perfectly to mobile platforms offering a touch control that is as easy to use as it is manageable. Although yes, the number of units, deployments, improvements, combats … that are available make learning a bit cumbersome. Understanding the basics to play does not mean inconvenience.

Commands & Conquer: Rivals, download this great strategy game now (APK)

Infantry, vehicles, bases to create units … Everything is generated according to the time and difficulty of creation. Then it is we who must put everything on the board according to the best strategy to achieve victory. As we fight against real adversaries we must adapt the technique based on the needs; improving the equipment so that it is as strong as possible.

Commands & Conquer: Rivals, download this great strategy game now (APK)

Commands & Conquer: Rivals It is free to download, although with double game currency: credits and diamonds. As usually happens in the freemium model, all the improvements we make in our units will take a while to complete; time that we can accelerate with the relevant diamonds. In addition, it is possible to achieve improvements going through the box, Nothing new, on the other hand. Even so, difficulty, challenge and fun are compensated for a rewarding gaming experience.

Download Commands & Conquer: Rivals now and enjoy your exciting multiplayer matches

Commands & Conquer: Rivals, download this great strategy game now (APK)

This game of EA It is not yet officially available, but you can sign up for Google Play to notify you of its availability. Further, you get the "pioneer pack" as a gift, which includes a Titan unit, money and credits.

What do you not want to wait for? You have the Apk of Commands & Conquer: Rivals in its prealpha version. You can download the file from UpToDown.

Update 04-12-2018:

The final version is now available in the Google Play Store.