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Pokmon Masters players very unhappy with one of their events

Fans report that one of the guaranteed rewards of the event requires payment with real money.

Pokmon Masters

Barely a day has been available to players, and Pokmon Masters already stars in a bitter controversy focused on one of its first events, which has generated enormous discontent among some users of this mobile title developed by DENA.

Some fans found in the game code references to an event not yet available in which apparently players can get a 5-star pair. But at the moment of truth the fans discovered that this guaranteed star reward could only be achievedusing the payment currencyof the game, and not the free gems that the game's history offers.

In recent hours a good number of Pokmon Masters players havepublicly protestedfor this situation, indicating with indignation that it is an unfair situation. These complaints add to another that refer to othersexpected problemsin a launch title, such as certain connectivity problems or stability of game servers.

Do not miss the video in which the developer reviews the first events of celebration for the launch of Pokmon Masters.

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