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Pokmon Masters is already number one in about 30 passes, Spain included!

The new Pokmon game bets on a more traditional style, this time on mobile.

Pokmon Masters

It has just premiered for free on iOS and Android, and Pokmon Masters has already enjoyed success in about 30 passes, where the new videogame of the Pokmon saga has become themost downloaded application of the moment. Among the countries where this role-playing and fighting game has triumphed are the United States, Japan or even Spain.

If compared to the launch of Pokmon Quest for mobile phones, it is important researcher that this adventure is in second position in the United States, which denotes the expectation and interest that Pokmon Masters has managed to generate among fans.

In the absence of knowing more specific data on the number of accumulated downloads in these first few days, the important thing now is that the DeNA game for mobiles has achieved thenumber 1 in 27 passes. If you want to discover what this adventure offers with story mode included you can read our analysis of Pokmon Masters.

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