Pokmon GO without having it in the background, just what we want

Pokmon GO without having it in the background, just what we want

It may not seem like it, but Pokémon GO is still a mass hit; More than two years have passed, but it remains one of the most downloaded and enjoyed games worldwide. You just have to see what happens when a rare Pokémon appears in an area, as it instantly fills up with trainers looking for it.

Pokémon GO has been so successful that it has even encouraged exercise. The app is able to detect the distance we walk, and offers us advantages based on it; It is vital to hatch Pokémon eggs, for example. All that, as long as we have the app started to record our steps, of course.

Pokémon GO without having it in the background, what we wanted

That is perhaps the big problem of Pokémon GO, not as a game, but as an app. Battery consumption with the app started is not exactly good, but it is essential if we want to be up to date. Niantic herself seemed to know this, developing with Nintendo a bracelet, Pokémon GO Plus, which counted our steps without opening the app.

The next update of Pokémon GO will go a step further, with forgiveness of expression. And it can finally become what many of us wanted the app to be in the beginning.

Niantic has announced a new functionality, called Sincroaventura (Adventure Sync). Thanks to this, Pokémon GO can connect with Google Fit to get the distance we have traveled; In the case of iOS, it will connect with Apple Health.

This is important, because that means we won't have to have Pokémon GO started to count the distance traveled. If we already use Google Fit, we can let that app record our steps and then Pokémon GO be updated with that data. If you use Google Fit often, it can be a good alternative to make hatch eggs and get candy.

Pokémon GO without having it in the background

But that is not all. We can also use devices such as smart watches to record our movements; therefore, in practice we don't have to carry the cell phone on top.

Upgrade: Compatibility with Google Fit is now available. Of course, Niantic will be giving access to it progressively and provided that the coach has a level 5 or higher. To activate the function you just have to go to the settings of Pok√©mon GO and enter ¬ęSincroaventura¬ę. You can check the help page on this link.