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OnePlus may launch Android 10 the same day as Google ┬╗ERdC

OnePlus may launch Android 10 the same day as Google ┬╗ERdC

OnePlus may launch Android 10 the same day as Google

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OnePlus has a good reputation for providing constant software updates to its devices. According to certain reports, the company plans to maintain this regularity when providing updates; Y will provide the latest version of Android 10 the same day that Google will launch the stable version of the system for its Pixel devices.

According to certain recent news; Google plans to launch the new stable update of Android 10 to its Smartphone Pixel this September 3. According to an alleged screenshot, which corresponds to a conversation between a OnePlus user and a customer service executive; OnePlus aims to launch the stable version of Android 10 the same day as Google. While the authenticity of this conversation cannot be confirmed, it can be a reality. You have to remember that Essential managed to launch the stable version of Android Pie the same day as the Pixels.

But the Essential phone basically works with Android as standard; while OxygenOS from OnePlus is customized with independent functions to serve its users. This means that it will be a little more difficult for the company; since it is difficult to optimize your version of OxygenOS the same day Google launches the stable update. Therefore, it seems unlikely that OnePlus managed to launch this software so soon.

However, OnePlus has taken charge of surprising us on many previous occasions. Therefore this possibility cannot be ruled out; and there is an expectation that they can present Android 10 the same as Google would do on their Smartphone Pixel.

It remains to be confirmed to which OnePlus devices this new update may be arriving. There are few days left before September 3 and all our doubts can be clarified. Any new news that is being reported about it, be informed as soon as possible.


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