New versions of Football Manager, the best football manager

New versions of Football Manager, the best football manager

If you grew up with PC Fútbol and want to recover that experience with a modern twist, there are few better alternatives than Football Manager. This saga of strategy games puts us in charge of a football club; We can make all the necessary decisions to carry it forward, from acting as president to coach.

Yes, this is a soccer game in which you don't touch the ball; But that is precisely why he is able to attract both the most fanatics and those who do not like football. Management capacity and strategy are the most important, and it is vital to have good numbers management; but also knowing enough about football to make the right decisions at all times.

The successor of PC Soccer you needed

The Football Manager saga started on computers, where there was no problem in displaying hundreds of screens with information and controlling the game with the mouse; since then, it has expanded to other platforms, with greater or lesser success.

Where it seems to have found a hole is in mobile platforms; something understandable, since the touch screen is a good substitute for the mouse. But that does not mean that the game can be exactly the same; Normally we can not spend hours in front of the mobile to choose the best alignment, as if we throw them in front of a PC.

That is why Sega, the producer of Football Manager, decided to create two separate apps for mobile platforms.

Football Manager Mobile is a simplified version of the original game; The interface is adapted to smaller screens, and the game sessions do not have to be so long. It is ideal to install it on the mobile and play whenever we want.

New versions of Football Manager

Instead, Football Manager Touch is a much more complete version and closer to the original PC. Although the interface has been simplified, it is a game as complete and complex as we would expect.

New versions of Football Manager, now for Android

The two versions updated to the new 2018/19 season have been released today, at the same time as the PC version. But an update of the teams and players is not the only reason to play these new games; although it is still true that this is the only thing that many fans want.

In both versions the training has been improved; We can customize it as we want, but more importantly, it is now a more faithful representation of how real teams train. New tactical styles have also been included, including the famous «Tiki-Taka». The interface has been renewed to make it easier to use these and other developments.

These are very complete games, which will give us hundreds of hours of enjoyment; Therefore, they are not cheap, much less free. The simplest version, Mobile, costs € 8.99, while the Touch version costs € 21.99; figures much higher than what we are used to, but if we compare it with the € 54.99 that the PC version costs, it comes cheap.