Minecraft Earth for Android can now be downloaded in these 5 cities

Minecraft Earth for Android can now be downloaded in these 5 cities

Minecraft earth

As planned, Minecraft Earth beta for Android is now available… more or less. Microsoft today announced the deployment of the test version of the game in its version for the Google operating system, which would initially be available in five cities around the world before its global expansion.

It's been more than a month since Minecraft Earth beta It began to be available on iOS, and now it is Android users who can begin to enjoy what is called to be one of the great titles of this year.

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Minecraft earth

Those who signed up for the beta program and are in one of the selected cities –Seattle, London, Stockholm, Tokyo and Mexico City–, will receive a notification to be able to download the trial version of the game and start enjoying the block building title based on augmented reality.

Beyond that, from the official website of the game they explain that with this release they also take advantage to introduce news in the game such as Rubes, the virtual currency used in the game to acquire objects and advantages.

Those who do not reside in one of the five cities where the game has begun to be available, can always turn to Download and install the Minecraft Earth APK file, that if its operation does not seem optimal – after all, it is still a beta – it can serve as the first contact with Microsoft's new mobile title.

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