LG and Naver announce Whale Browser to exploit the LG Dual Screen ┬╗ERdC

LG and Naver announce Whale Browser to exploit the LG Dual Screen ┬╗ERdC

LG and Naver announce Whale Browser to exploit the LG Dual Screen

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LG attend IFA 2019 to announce new devices. A video was revealed showing that one of the Smartphone is compatible with the LG dual-screen accessory that was announced in MWC along with the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. Recently, LG and NAVER, the largest search engine provider in South Korea; announced a browser called Whale browser, specially designed for LG Dual Screen.

Whale is based on Google's open source Chromuim browser; This brings what NAVER calls omnitasking. This function allows Run several tasks simultaneously on one screen.

The browser has split screen support with an adjustable splitter. This allows you to navigate through two sites in the same tab. When you add LG Dual Screen accessory, it takes it to a whole new level; which allows you to navigate on two screens and move between them without problems. In an example which LG has given us, these explain how the screen can work; They say that if you are shopping online, you can see the main menu of the store on one screen and read the product descriptions on the other screen. It also allows you to read the news in different languages ÔÇőÔÇősimultaneously in the Whale browser.

Through a press release LG announced important news; this is that it has within your plans launch more device with support for LG Dual Screen; It is also reported that some of these devices will be announced at IFA Berlin. These phones will come with the NAVER Whale browser preinstalled.

The NAVER Whale team leader made statements; In this express the browser will be available in more languages ÔÇőÔÇőby the end of the year.

So far this in what is known about LG Dual Screen. It remains to be confirmed that other devices may be arriving at this function. As soon as the company reveals these unknowns we will be attentive to continue informing


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