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John Carmack talks about how far amusement parks are in virtual reality

The author of great video games such as DOOM, Quake or Wolfenstein 3D states that the problem is no longer technological.

Oculus Rift

The iconicdeveloper John Carmack, author of classics like DOOM or Wolfenstein 3D, has been the most recent guest at the show of mixed martial arts commentator Joe Rogan and, during the podcast, the host asked Carmack how far is the current technology from a stage whereamusement parks based on virtual realityThey are a common place, to which Carmack responded optimistically, although he noted that the obstacle was not technological research, but business.

If you manage to decipher the business plan, you can make the technology work"A lot depends on the company's plans … people bother us a lot with the technical appeal of such things, and the people who are doing this for themselves like The Void they occupy their own tracking devices because ours they are not publicly configured in a way that they can do that. "explained the Wolfenstein 3D programmer. "Then it is cumbersome for people to do it. Eventually, we will market it so that you can easily configure things since you take them out of the box, but many of these projects become entrepreneurial businesses, and I wonder who gets the tens of millions of dollars needed to set it up and do it well, but it is not a technical problem, it is not a technical impossibility.New research is not necessary, but there are still many obstacles to overcome.If you manage to decipher the business plan, you can make the Technology work. "

The Void is a company dedicated to installing virtual reality attractions in large-scale physical spaces and with special peripherals, although Oculus VR, the company for which Carmack works today, installs a similar attraction in theOculus Connect Convention, same whose sixth edition will take place at the end of September. The name of thegame is Dead and Buried. "People wondered when they could play this commercially, but this experience was practically supported with masking tape. It took a lot of work to materialize it., Carmack explained, but not before recognizing that the idea of ​​taking Quake to such a space has been the dream from the beginning of virtual reality.

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