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Improve Samsung Always On Display with this application

The AMOLED screen of Samsung mobiles is not only one of the best panels that can be found in a mobile, it also takes advantage of its advantages to offer quite useful functions. One of them is the Always On Display mode, a feature that permanently activates the screen in the lock to show the clock and notifications. And you can get more out of it, as a new application intends.

aodNotify is an application that seeks to get more out of the Always On Display of Samsung phones. With this screen always active it is difficult to see what new notifications there are, hence the option to activate the screen only with the new notices is so useful. That's what aodNotify achieves, an option that should be among Samsung's native settings.

With aodNotify your Samsung's Always On Display will only be activated with new notifications

Improve Samsung Always On Display with this application

While having the screen always active is an aid to observe the clock, it is also true that it consumes a percentage of the battery without actually using it since the times we can look at the mobile are minimal. But if the screen is activated with notifications, and the Always On Display stays on, we will know instantly that there is something pending.

aodNotify combines the always active screen and the ambient screen (Always On Display and Ambient Display) for achieving a notification system that alerts and allows you to instantly capture pending information.

We can select which applications will use the Always On Display so that aodNotify filter the ads based on the importance we give them. The application needs access to notifications and you must also install an administrator to manage the system (this is the most delicate part of the app). Beyond here use the native Samsung Always On Display: The appearance of the interface with the screen off will be exactly the same as the one you have previously configured.

Improve Samsung Always On Display with this application

The app provides a simple adjustment that surprises that Samsung has not implemented it natively. It works very well, the app is free, does not include ads and is also safe. It does not solve big problems, but it may be very useful.