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How to enable two-step authentication on Twitter

Surely you want to get the maximum security possible in your account Twitter now that it has been shown that the vulnerability of this social network is high (they have hacked the company's own CEO). One of the things you can do is set the two-step authentication to, in this way, have an additional protection gateway that makes you more calm.

This makes it necessary to take an additional step when accessing from places that are not usual giving use to the mobile terminal that is available, which ensures that third parties cannot enter on your Twitter account if they don't have your smartphone. It is true that it is somewhat tedious to have to take an additional step, but the security offered by this makes it advisable to use it especially if you have data that is important in the account you have and even if you give it an eminently professional use. Therefore, it is recommended.

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In addition, carrying out the process is something that is included among the options that by default exist on Twitter, so you do not have to resort to third parties what I could make more than one suspect. Apart, and this is important, if you are not convinced by what you have done, it is possible reverse the situation simply turning off authentication in two steps.

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Steps to activate two-step authentication on Twitter

If you want to use this option offered by the company that has created the social network, what you have to do is quite simple and, as you can see, in a matter of five minutes at most, you will get that Your account security increases exponentially. This is what you have to do using the Twitter client for mobile devices:

  • Open the application in your mobile terminal and look for the icon of your account that is represented by the image you selected (it is in the upper left)
  • Now select the option Settings and privacy of the menu that opens
  • The next thing you have to do is choose Account -which is the first option available- and then select Security

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  • A new screen appears on which you have to use Login verification and activate the box you see below
  • You will have to enter your password and now you must click on Send code so that it appears on your terminal
  • Once this is done, you will have two-step authentication enabled on Twitter

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