Google Maps now recommends the best dishes of each restaurant

Google Maps now recommends the best dishes of each restaurant

In recent weeks we have seen how Google Maps has been updated giving priority to news related to the classic function of this application, GPS navigation. An example has been the function that warns us of the presence of radars on the roads through which we circulate.

Now Google has wanted to improve its service but in another aspect, the discovery. As you know, Google Maps also has a different use, which allows us to find new places and restaurants to eat.

We already know which are the most popular dishes

The reviews of the bars and restaurants have become a very popular feature for those who want to discover new sites but not expressly install applications for it such as Tripadvisor.

Well, now Google has expanded the records of these stores including a new section called Popular dishes (right under the question and answer section) in which it shows us the foods that are most commonly requested in these sites. In addition, each of these foods is assigned several photos and related reviews.

Google uses its image recognition and also the clues we have given in the ratings to fit a plate with a review that refers to it, even if they are not from the same person.

In this way we can see what is most requested in a place, as well as what it looks like thanks to the photos of the users themselves.

Of course, we can create the dishes directly with the name, a photo and a score, marking with a thumbs up or down if we would recommend it.

This function It is being deployed and sent to all users but it has not yet arrived in a generalized way, although it sure does in the next few days. It appears by system in all the restaurants, so it is not up to the owners to have to enable it.