Good, beautiful and cheap phones? They exist and we tell you CULES ARE

Good, beautiful and cheap phones? They exist and we tell you CULES ARE

Redmi Note 7

The day has come! Another Thursday and another interesting episode of Connecting, the only Spanish podcast dedicated exclusively to Android technology and the Google ecosystem. And although the summer is coming to an end, we continue with the same illusion and happiness as always – and if not, we can always listen to the musical selection that Spotify has prepared us to say goodbye to August.

While last week we told you what were the best phones of 2019 for EISA, confirming that Chinese devices are fashionable and that people are no longer afraid of Asian products, in the Connecting Today episode we will discuss a topic You asked us a lot about social networks: I want a good, nice and cheap phone, does it exist?

Cheap and good quality Android phones also exist! Discover them in our new episode of Connecting

Moto G7 Power, rear, camera

Luckily, the world of low and medium range Android phones has changed a lot and particularly for good. While a few years ago we only found devices of very low quality and with laugh specifications, Today we can find authentic jewels for 200 euros and even less.

That is why in today's episode we will analyze what are the best five devices that we can acquire in that price range. Phone quality brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung and even Huawei and with incredible specifications for the price they have.

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