Free applications that were previously paid, if the downloads do not fly

Free applications that were previously paid, go for them or disappear

It seems that he was absent, but no, we already have Friday among us, that day that he wants to be for multiple reasons. And the best of them is that we used to dive in Google Play to find all those free apps and games They will be on offer for a limited time. Prepare for the weekend with the best software and without costing you anything.

As with all offers for a limited time, all of which we highlight in this article are susceptible to disappear; recovering the applications its original price. That is why we recommend you to hurry: only then will you go to Google Play finding the offer.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

What did you not have enough? No wonder, neither do we. But do not worry, they are not the only offers we had for you: next we select other discounts on apps and games They are also very juicy.

F-Stop Gallery Pro

Unlocking key for a image gallery tremendously complete. More options, album nesting, writing EXIF ​​data… If you were using the free F-Stop gallery you can now get the paid version with a 29% discount.

NBA 2K19

This spectacular basketball game for Android keeps the sale down for a few more days. If you do not have it you can still buy it: it is a great game with 35% less price.


Second part of a very careful game at the level of design and approach. Hand drawn, just like the Distraint Originally, this second part maintains the essence of psychological terror by offering a more distressing and immersive atmosphere. Don't miss it: it costs 44% less.

Star Traders: Frontiers

A huge RPG space game in which you'll have to manage your ship and troop to dominate the universe. The game is open, with a deep history, long enough and, as the only downside, is in English. Now it has a 34% discount.

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