Free applications that were previously paid, if the downloads do not fly

Free applications that were previously paid, describe them while you can

We are the week in what to free applications It refers to a new collection of apps and games on offer. It is always good news to have bago software at a lower price, especially if that price is zero. So you know: if you want our full selection you will have to download it now. Y will remain forever in your libraryof course

All the offers you have below are temporary, so you must hurry to get them: only then will you access them with the relevant discount.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

Let's continue with the offers in apps and games, which we still have more material. Do you want to get high quality software at a discounted price? Do not miss our selection.

OrangePixel games

Two of the titles of this company are on sale with sales that exceed 50%. Highly recommended.

Nostalgia.NES Pro (NES Emulator)

A great NES emulator for your Android It has a 70% discount. Perfect for reliving old times in front of the console.

Please, Don’t Touch Anything 3D

Just be told not to touch a button so you feel like going crazy to press it, right? Well, this is the approach of the game Please, Don’t Touch Anything 3D: You will have at your disposal a red button and you will have to solve the puzzles based on pulsations. Original, fun and with a 50% discount.

The House of Da Vinci

An excellent point and click style game that will surely remind you of The Room saga. Well, not only remains in line with the quality of this saga, it also exceeds in several aspects. To find out you just have to download your copy of The house of Da Vinci: has a 34% discount.

Death Worm â„¢

Control a alien worm capable of destroying everything that moves through the stage. It seems simple, but it won't be so easy to handle; although very funny: Death worm It is a game that hooks the first. And it's worth 65% less.

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