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Facebook works on an AI assistant for Minecraft

Mojang's title serves as a training ground for artificial intelligence to learn to understand language.


The great giant of the networkFacebookis developing an artificial intelligence capable of performing different tasks in Minecraft autonomously obeying the player's orders.

According to MIT Review, Facebook researchers have started working onan in-game assistant programfrom Mojang. The direct application is that this artificial intelligence can help users to perform simple tasksusing a dialog box, and in the future, executeany actionthat players want inside Minecraft, from building or demolishing buildings to eliminating enemies.

The purpose of the project is that over time this AI will be able to learn from the interactions and increase the range of tasks it can perform,associating and interpretingthe orders given by the users. Similarly, the projectDeepmindfrom Google, is being trained to solve complex operations in real timeplaying StarCraft II, where he is demonstrating his ability todefeat the great human championsof the Blizzard title.

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