Download WhatsApp 2019 for free, the NEW VERSIN

Download WhatsApp 2019 for free, the NEW VERSIN

Whatsapp, also known as ‘Wasap’ or ‘Wuasap’, among other meanings, is the most used instant messaging application worldwide. It has become one of those apps that we all use in the day to day, and precisely because of this it is important to know from where to download it officially and how to update it. In this article we will show you How to download WhatsApp in 2019 and install for free on smartphone, PC and tablet, how to download your file Official APK and how update the app to the latest version.

First of all you should know that there are two official versions of WhatsApp: the one you can find on Google Play, which is the stable and ready-to-use version; and the beta version, which has the latest functions although it may contain some other error.

If you are only interested in the version of the app store, you can download it right now:

But if you want to know more, read on!

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How to download WhatsApp for free on Android in 2019

Download WhatsApp from the Play Store

Download WhatsApp for free on Android in 2019

If you want to install WhatsApp on your smartphone, the easiest way is to use the Android app store. In addition, thanks to Google Play, the application is update automatically on your Android with new features and security patches.

For download WhatsApp from the Play Store you just have to access the link below, press "Install" and voila, it will automatically download to your Android mobile and you can start using it. Ace of easy!

Download WhatsApp from the official website

Download wasap free for mobile

Another option is Download Installable File APK from the official WhatsApp website itself. To do this, first of all, you will have to enable unknown sources on your Android. Simply access Settings> Security> Enable unknown sources, as pods install the WhatsApp APK file. And calm, because it's the official version, so it is free of viruses and malware.

For Download WhatsApp in APK Go to the official website and click on the green button. How to download a file called Whatsapp.apk, which is the one that you must install on your Android. Simply click on it and accept the installation.

Install WhatsApp beta for free

How to use the beta version of WhatsApp

How to download WhatsAp for free on Android in 2019

As we told you before, WhatsApp has a beta version in which they test all the new functions before launching them to the stable application in Google Play. Accessing this version is so easy how to become a beta tester and download the beta from the Android app store.

How to become a WhatsApp beta tester

For try the beta You just have to access Google Play. Click on the big and ready button, you will have become a tester of the WhatsApp test version. Keep in mind that this means exposing yourself to different bugs and bugs that are possibly not in the official version, but it is what you have to try the new functions before anyone else!

Once you are betatester wait a couple of minutes, and download –or update– WhatsApp from Google Play. The new version will be the beta version and will have all the news whose releases we will always tell you in Andro4all.