Devil for Android

Diablo for Android is reality, as is Diablo Immortal

Diablo is a classic saga of video games like few others; The original was a title that marked a before and after, and that is still influential today.

Blizzard, the developer, mixed the best of role and action, a very attractive mix that caused the appearance of countless clones, none of them reaching their height. We control a single hero in a dark fantasy world, which has to face hordes of enemies; instead of relying on a system of shifts as in role-playing games, the important thing here was to crush the mouse and get the best strategy to inflict as much damage as possible.

Devil for Android, it's reality

Diablo has had three deliveries for PC, although all have had some console version. And finally Android players can enjoy this saga; The striking thing is that, instead of simply launching the same game as on PC, Blizzard has decided to adapt the style and playability to mobile platforms.

That's how it was born Immortal devil, an exclusive game for mobile platforms; its history runs between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, so fans of the saga have a good excuse to enjoy it.

Devil for Android

Although it is a new game, the visual style and the classes available are the same as in Diablo 3 (including the necromancer); a delivery that won some criticism for the design change (the first two games were dark and gothic), but that should fit better on a small screen.

That is the same reason why the interface has been completely redesigned; We now have direct access to attacks and skills on the right side, at a touch of our thumb.

Devil Immortal seems like a great adaptation

In addition, the classes have received some changes with respect to the original versions; probably because Blizzard wants to boost multiplayer, so that each player uses a very specialized class and come together. Several players can attack the dungeons at the same time and collaborate against the final bosses.

For the rest, it seems the same old devil. It is a game in which the action prevails over everything, and we will never lack new dungeons and sands in which to lose ourselves.

Diablo Immortal can be a great release for Android, although there are some doubts about whether the game has been simplified; or especially, what will be the business model that Blizzard will have.

If the game is free, as it surely is, the initial fear among Internet users is that it is full of micropayments; as to get the most powerful weapons, armor and abilities. But it is too early to consider that, considering that Diablo Immortal still has no release date.

For the moment, You can now register to get access to the game beta on Google Play: