Comparison between Harmony OS and Android according to early testers ┬╗ERdC

Comparison between Harmony OS and Android according to early testers ┬╗ERdC

Comparison between Harmony OS and Android according to early testers

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Recently we saw how Huawei officially presented HarmonyOS, its own operating system. We are also seeing how the situation around the future of Huawei with Google services it does not seem to be clarified or resolved. There have been reports that indicate that the company does not have permission even to implement Android with Google services on its Huawei Mate 30 line. In case of not being able to use Android, the manufacturer you can count on HarmonyOS on mobile phones. Although in that case, should enhance the availability of applications quickly.

The first testers of the operating system (formerly known as HongMeng OS) from Huawei reveal how it is different in comparison Direct with custom user interface EMUI based on Android that the company currently uses in all its terminals. This is how HarmonyOS will look implemented in mobile phones.

Comparison between HarmonyOS and EMUI based on Android

The company has added a new boot animation in HarmonyOS. The operating system also comes with customization support according to the user's taste. In addition, the user can customize the screen with widgetsas well as lock screen With several options available.

The cones have been redesigned and the company has added many animations that make the system more attractive. It is also reported that the overall user experience is quite smooth and fluid. Huawei has introduced a New notification panel and a great search box.

There is also a new reminder mode in settings, and the operating system also comes with a new ringtone to differentiate. Refering to camera interface, It is quite simple compared to the Huawei P30. This early camera interface offers fewer controls than we usually see in Huawei.

The testers say there are still a number of features that are not usable. It is not yet known whether the functions are blocked due to confidentiality or if the company is working on finishing polishing those functions.

Several weeks ago, when a French media asked him, Huawei's founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said that the HongMeng operating system is very likely to be faster than Android and MacOS. Previously, it was reported that the HongMeng operating system It becomes up to 60% faster than Android.

It is also important to remember a very important feature of this new operating system. Unlike the Android operating system, Harmony OS It is designed not only for mobile phones. It is a highly adaptable system that can work in a wide variety of devices. Among these we will find routers, network switches, tablets, computers and data centers.


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