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Change the quality of YouTube videos on your phone, TV and laptop

Change the quality of YouTube videos on your phone, TV and laptop


You can change the quality of your YouTube videos.

Angela Lang / CNET

It’s more than frustrating when Billie Eilish’s new song loads fast enough on YouTube and the quality of the latest alpacas video fromThe DodoIt seems to be lacking. The curse of YouTube (beyond my addiction to this medium) seems to be that the image quality is not always the same between videos. Luckily, you can change the settings on YouTube to make things load faster or to make sure the images have more quality.

Videos load faster if you choose a lower resolution and look better if you choose a high resolution. In general, you will probably want the videos to look their best, but in some cases, for example, if you are connected to a slow Wi-Fi connection or a phone, you may prefer not to spend as much data and opt for a lower resolution.

YouTube gives you the option to change the screen settings on all your devices, including your phone, TV or computer. YouTube remembers that setting for next time.

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Change the video quality on your phone or computer.

Angela Lang / CNET

Change the quality of YouTube videos on your phone

Maybe you use your phone to listen to music on YouTube. In that case you want the video to load faster and you can opt for a lower resolution.

If you are watching a video when you are away from home you can apply the same method to increase the resolution of streaming, but keep in mind what the image quality is. If you have little coverage on the phone or do not want to spend so much data you can choose to choose a lower resolution.

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The difference between 144p and 1080p is huge.

Screenshot by Katie Conner / CNET

one. After selecting the video you want to play, press the three white dots in the upper right corner.

two. Choose Quality.

3. Choose the quality you want. The options range from144pfor a very low resolution up to 2160p (4K)for the highest resolution. Depending on the video you want to watch.

If you are listening to music and not watching the video, choose the lowest resolution to load faster. If you are watching the video, select a higher resolution to have the best viewing experience. "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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Make YouTube look clearer on your TV

If you are watching a video on your smart TV or a player (unfortunately the app is not yet available on Fire TV), you want the quality to be very high. We tell you how to select it:

one. When you watch a video on YouTube from your TV, select the three white dots and chooseMsin the lower left corner.