The essential applications for your Xiaomi Mi Band

5 essential applications for your Xiaomi Mi Band

Until a few years ago having an activity bracelet meant spending more than 80 euros, but everything changed when Xiaomi launched its popular wearable My band. This bracelet lowered the accessory without losing great options along the way; having evolved into a wearable as recommended as economic. You have a? It does not surprise us.

Since the different Xiaomi Mi Band They are one of the best selling smartphone accessories, it is also logical that there is a wide variety of apps for them. We have highlighted more than one, both for its usefulness and for the fact of adding functions to the natives. Today we will collect the best ones so that you have a complete and varied selection.

What are the Essential applications for the different Xiaomi Mi Band? We will avoid the most obvious because surely you already have it: Xiaomi Mi Fit. We will also focus on the last two bracelets, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Y Mi Band 3. Waiting for the official presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 you have more than enough benefits with current models.


The essential applications for your Xiaomi Mi Band

This application is our favorite: it can completely supply Xiaomi Mi Fit And it has several advantages, such as being lighter, respecting your privacy and being developed in open source. If you lose options regarding My fit, such as challenges among friends, but it is worth a try: once you install it, you will surely stay with it.

Gadgetbridge It is available on F-Droid. You can download it from the official F-Droid application or use the following shortcut to Apk. And you also have access to the application's GitHub. The app weighs only 4.2 MB.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

Another of the essentials and a complete replacement to Xiaomi Mi Fit adding many more options, such as graphics and possibility of activate the heart rate constantly. The app is free, complete, has ads and can be unlocked to use its full potential with a micropayment within the application.

Alert Bridge

The essential applications for your Xiaomi Mi Band

If the notifications of your Xiaomi Mi Band 3 do not finish convincing you with this application you can personify them so that they adapt better to your bracelet. It's free, it only has some ads and it works very well: the ads will be much more visible.

Mi Band 2/3 & Amazfit Selfie

The essential applications for your Xiaomi Mi Band

This is an application that should be used in line with a compatible camera application, such as Open Camera. Once you have configured both apps you will have the option to use the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 3 as if it were a camera trigger. Perfect for selfies or group photos and more comfortable than activating the camera timer.

The last recommended application is one that we like even though it has only one function: guide you from the wrist when you are using Google Maps. It is suitable for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, it works very well and has a cost of 0.99 euros.

With these 5 applications you will have many more ways to use your bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band. Always in combination of My fit; or replacing it completely in the glass of Gadegetbridge or Notify & Fitness, it's up to you.