You can now download Sega Heroes, for the most fantastic of Sega

You can now download Sega Heroes, for the most fantastic of Sega

As a Sega fan since the time of the Master System and Mega Drive, he may not be the most objective person when it comes to his games; and that his hobby has gone through quite hard times.

But even the most fanatics think twice about it when Sega announced that he was going to gather characters from all his sagas in a puzzle game; Are we facing the typical attempt to take advantage of a license without contributing anything new?

Sega Heroes is the game that has finally been released; Although for the moment most players cannot download it from Google Play, it is already possible to download the APK and play it without problems, as we have seen.

Sega Heroes offers a gameplay that we already know very well

With this title, Sega adopts a very familiar gameplay: that of the puzzle game mixed with a role-playing game. It is a mixture that we have seen on many occasions, and here it works as well as we are used to.

We advance in the game winning battles against our enemies, forming groups of four characters. Each character in our group is represented by a color token; At the bottom we have the game board, with those chips randomly distributed. To attack, we just have to collect three tiles of the same color. That's it, that's the base.

Of course, there are more options. Each character has a special attack, which we can activate in two ways; or filling a bar with each attack, or obtaining a surface when we put together four pieces of their color.

In addition, there are also some special chips that fill another bar, which as you level up will allow us to make increasingly powerful attacks. Therefore, the key to the game is to create as many combinations as possible, with as many chips and linking special attacks one after the other.

It is not a game that will surprise anyone, but it is a casual style that fits very well with those five-minute games that we usually have. But where this game really stands out is in the treatment of its licenses.

The usual characters, written in humor code

Sega Heroes brings together characters from a wide variety of company games; could not miss those of Sonic The Hedgehog, but there are also other games that have not shown signs of life in many years, such as Streets of Rage or Golden Ax

Without a doubt, one of the reasons why playing this game is for collect these characters and unlock their unique abilities; We do the latter with gold coins that we can achieve in battles, as a system of experience.

Of course, micropayments also enter here. To get new characters we must collect fragments, and in some characters that is a figure that seems absurdly high; The easiest is to pay in gems. To gain experience, we need gold, which we can buy with real money. We can get gold and gems by paying with real money.

At least, the campaign is written in humor. The story is quite typical, an evil villain has united the different worlds of Sega games, and our heroes come together to end this threat. What really stands out are the dialogues; the characters constantly get between them, laughing at the original games. For example, that a character named Ax Battler fight with a sword ("Ax" is an ax in English "), or that Amy Rose looks more like a pink rabbit than a hedgehog, as it is supposed to be.

You can now download Sega Heroes, a game for Sega fans

That kind of jokes will be grateful for the fans; But if you don't know much about Sega, and you never played the original games, you may not even realize that they are jokes. That is the key to recommend Sega Heroes or not; As it offers nothing original in terms of playability, it all depends on how fond you are of Sega.