Total War for Android be officially launched

Total War for Android be officially launched

The Total War saga is well known to PC players; And if they know anything, it's strategy games, the genre that perhaps best suits their style. That's why it's been weird to find Total War games outside the PC; or at least, games that perfectly adapt the original style.

In Android we already have a saga game, called Total War Battles: Kingdom; but it was a totally new game, designed for touch screens and for the predominant mobile game style. But fans knew that Total War was much more than that.

ROME: Total War for Android will come true

The Total War saga stands out for the representation of battles, in which thousands of soldiers participate in each side. To emerge victorious from epic contests is a very different sensation if you have so many souls under your control.

They are more complex games than we are used to on Android. We can control all aspects of our kingdom and lead our troops through the map; when the fray starts, the game changes to a very advanced 3D engine, able to render entire armies without disheveled. That said, is it really possible to adapt that to a mobile?

In Feral Interactive they think so. They were responsible for launching the version of ROME: Total War for iOS systems, a game originally developed for PC in 2004 by Creative Assembly. Now they try again, this time for Android.

ROME: Total War is set in the era of the Roman Empire, from 270 B.C. Therefore, we have to control the legions against the enemies of Rome, from the Greeks to the Gauls or the Carthaginians. One of Total War's strengths, historical fidelity, shines especially, with uniforms and locations based on the real ones.

We may have some doubts about how control and gameplay will adapt; but remember that Feral already launched the game on iOS successfully, so we should expect a respectful version with the original, but also adapted to our devices. Also, unlike Total War Battles: Kingdom, this will be a paid game, so we won't have to suffer micropayments; although the price has not yet been confirmed.

ROME: Total War will be released on Android "this winter", so it will surely arrive later this year.