The Samsung Galaxy A91 arrive with an impressive 45W fast charge

The Samsung Galaxy A91 arrive with an impressive 45W fast charge

Galaxy A90

Samsung's Galaxy A family has completely renewed this year, leaving us some really interesting terminals. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A80, with its curious rotary camera and its front without frames, or the Galaxy A50, which is postulated as a good option below 300 euros.

We have known that two new devices of the family will see the light in the coming months. Thanks to the Samsung website in Hungra we have been able to know some details of the Galaxy A90 and A91. The latter will arrive with Samsung's most powerful fast charge.

45W and 5G for the best Galaxy A

The Galaxy A91 will be the most powerful device of the Samsung family A during the next year 2020. It is early to talk about its features, but The company itself has confirmed on its website that it is compatible with fast 45W charging. It is the most powerful we have seen so far, and for now it can only be enjoyed in the new Galaxy Note10 + and its version with 5G.

Samsung Galaxy A80, back of phone

It has been rumored that he could have a total of 4 cameras on his back, one of them with a 108 megapixel sensor. The rest will be a super wide angle of 16 megapixels, a 12 megapixel telephoto sensor with 5x zoom and a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor.

The other confirmed model has been the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G, that arrive with a fast load of 25W like the Galaxy Note10. We talk about a model that seems somewhat more modest than the A91 and focused on 5G connectivity, but both will make up the maximum of the Galaxy A series during the year to come.

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